Hey there I’m Rachy, a 26 year old, down-to-earth family gal residing in a very (un) sunny Nottinghamshire in the UK.

I’m a fairly new blogger and even new-er Youtuber. I started my blog just over a year ago.

What inspired me to write one? Why my love of beauty, fashion, photography and all things furry of course and I also thought that it could be an interesting read for you guys, so I thought “Hey why not publicise it?”, and thus my blog was born.

How I started?

With a young son and family, I decided to take the first step into the beauty/fashion industry and became an AVON representative.

I was a part of helping so many customers choose the right products for them by giving advice and ensuring they looked their absolute best.

After a few campaigns of hard work, my Sales Leader approached and asked me if I wanted to become a Sales Leader myself.

So like any beauty enthusiast would, I jumped at the opportunity.

As a sales leader, I managed to extend my customer base to over 200 people whom I delivered orders to on a regular basis.

Wrote several reviews on a variety of products (Nailwear, Mascara, Suncare, Cosmetics, Skincare)

With so many customers wanting my expertise and advice I decided to build a Facebook page to try and broadcast my views to others. (Rachyreviews)

After a short while of writing great reviews for their products,  I received an email from AVON asking if I would like to be on their panel and also appear in some of their upcoming brochures, to which I did.

I had an absolute BLAST at the photoshoot, was allowed to play the role of a (sort of) model, and met some lovely ladies along the way whom I am still in contact with now.

Once I had this amazing feeling of gratitude and appreciation, I then set out to do further reviews on an even bigger platform – Youtube, under the name ‘Rachyreviews

Since then I have enjoyed speaking about many brands and voicing my honest opinions for my readers/followers.

But in an ever-changing world, I am always increasingly eager to expand, and therefore welcome any brands as I love to discover new products and I feel I have lots to say, and therefore lots to give.

My reviews are always in-depth and if it’s not written down then I assure you, it’s most definitely spoken about.

So now you know a little bit about me, why not climb aboard and join me for the ride? I assure you it’ll be fun.. And if that doesn’t ‘float yer boat’ then I always have cookies!

What you can expect to find here

Reviews, tutorials, vlogs, how-to’s – all based on the art of either Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle.