LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review June 2018

Hey guys, I’m back for another unboxing of one of Look Fantastic’s Beauty Box, June – Wow! Halfway through the year already? Time sure flies when you’re counting beauty boxes? And what genuine beauty addict doesn’t appreciate cosmetics inspired by one of their most instagrammable seasons – Summer! This month’s Beauty Box just screams blue skies, poolside, holidays, sipping on sangrias…
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My Complete Review Of HelloFresh

All of your favourite packaged foods and those tasty takeaways pack a lot of preservatives, right? Not to mention how incredibly unhealthy they are for you. However, It’s never too late to re-educate ourselves to cook the meals that our bodies actually deserve, it’s not difficult at all and we can start by doing this all from scratch. Wondering where…
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Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Father’s Day ladies and gents! It’s coming soon, and are you prepared for it? What have you decided to get your old man, Pappa, Daddy, Dad or Father? Not sure? Leaving it to the last minute? Don’t worry, we all do it! So what can you get him which shows that you care and that you’ve remembered his special day!…
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Late Lake District Break

We live in such a busy world, don’t we? I think if we actually took a moment to reflect on just what we accomplish in our days as (super) human-beings, then I’m sure we would shock ourselves. However, all those duties and tasks which we pressure ourselves to do can eventually take its toll. And you can soon find yourself…
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Tarte Cosmetics Aspyn Ovard Eyeshadow Palette

Well, it has been an absolute scorcher lately here in the UK. So much so, that BBQs have been a regular dinner choice and I’ve found myself shamelessly indulging in the Icecream Man’s regular visits more often than usual. Ahem! And it got me thinking about Summer in general, blue sunny skies and the colours that come with it. Warm golden tones,…
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