August 9, 2020

3 Quick Ways To Mix Up Your Style

Even if your wardrobe is filled with things that are distinctive to ‘you,’ it’s normal to become bored with your sense of style sometimes. Maybe your tastes have changed, or maybe you’ve outgrown a particular style.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of things you can do to mix it up without having to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe. First, go through your closet and purge the things you know you absolutely won’t wear again. Getting rid of extra clutter in your closet can help you clearly see the pieces you’re still interested in. It also actually has psychological benefits, including the ability to reduce stress and depression

So, once you have a clean slate to work from, what can you do to mix up your style without a lot of time, effort, or money?

  1. Bring in Other Interests

Think about what some of your true passions are, and let those shine through your wardrobe. Do you love music? Grab some cool vintage band tees and jeans, or a leather jacket that you can wear with just about anything to upgrade your look to a rocker style. 

Are you into artwork? Bring more vibrant colors into your wardrobe. Are you digging classic cars lately? Add a little 1950s style into your look. Or, use accessories to finish up your look, like automotive art on your phone case. 

Bringing your interests into your wardrobe is a great way to tie those two worlds together, so get as creative as possible when it comes to combining them!

  1. Sign Up for a Subscription Service

Do you love the world of fashion but you never seem to know what kind of outfits to put together for yourself? You might benefit from a clothing subscription service like StitchFix or Trunk. 

These services allow you to work with stylists. You answer a few questions about your preferences, and your stylists put together several outfits for you that you’ll receive in the mail each month. You can choose whether to keep them or send them back. 

The great thing about subscription services is that you truly never know what you’ll get. You might get an outfit that you really love but that you may have never picked out for yourself. It’s an interesting way to try something new with your wardrobe, and receive a surprise each month!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Patterns

So many people have fallen into the outdated idea that you cant mix patterns, but that just isn’t true. In fact, it’s a great way to totally reinvent your wardrobe without having to buy new things! 

The best way to determine if patterns actually go together is to try them on! Cheetah print goes with more than just solids. Floral prints and stripes can work well together. Experiment with different pieces you already have in your closet and you could create a unique new outfit in a matter of minutes. 

As you can see, these tips are all about getting creative with your style and allowing for a bit more freedom. Work with what you have, but don’t be afraid to try something new. By putting these into practice, you can mix up your style effortlessly and love your look again.

What styles best describe you?

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