November 12, 2020

A Healthy Household: 3 Practices To Do As A Family

Spending time as a family is crucial. In this fragmented world, most of us spend our days on our devices or in another room. It is so important for everyone’s self-esteem to spend quality time together. But when we are hanging out, it’s a good idea to get into the swing of doing things that are going to be beneficial for our health. Some are boring but essential, but others can be incredibly fun and beneficial for our lives. With this in mind, what are some of the best health practices that we should all do as a family?


Brushing Teeth

If you’ve got young children that really don’t want to brush their teeth and you’ve tried every single way to get them to clean their pearly whites, maybe it’s time to make it a bit more fun. Incorporating teeth brushing into your lives could be about turning it into a game, but also ensuring that your children understand the importance of good oral hygiene. You can contact Wahroonga Dental or other dentists to get an understanding of how you can make it a bit more fun. When we make it a game or enjoyable, our children will begin to associate this healthy practice with something better.



Everybody knows that it is crucial, but again, this is about making it fun. We don’t want our children to think that exercise is associated with lifting weights, especially at the age of 8! Encouraging play and running around is going to get the heart pumping. After all, as humans, we were built to run, jump, and climb. Exercising should be about making it as fun as possible. Running around the garden and just getting your children moving is going to help in so many ways. When our children spend so long being sedentary and playing video games, we might want to think about incorporating video games into their lives that also help them exercise. A great example is the Nintendo Wii, but it is a great way to make things fun. Playing certain games as a family also helps to inspire healthy competition.


Reducing Stress

When we have children that are excitable and are going a mile a minute, it is hard to calm them down. Stress is something that, if we don’t tackle it early on in our children’s life, will impact them for the rest of their days. We have to remember that it’s not just about making them feel calmer, but it’s about making ourselves relaxed as well. After all, our children will pick up on our daily stresses. The best thing you can all do before bedtime is getting into the habit of winding down. Incorporating some form of a bedtime routine is always beneficial for our children because it gives them the signal that it’s time to sleep. Sleep is about quality, not necessarily quantity. And by giving our children the cues to go to sleep, such as turning the television off and removing devices, it gives everybody 30 minutes or so before bedtime to think about common practices or practising some gratitude. Going to bed feeling calm and relaxed will improve the quality of everyone’s sleep.

There are plenty of practices that we should do as a family, but if we can focus on the pillars of good health habits, exercise, but also reducing stress, we will see the benefits in every part of our lives.

What does your family routine usually consist of?


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