March 12, 2017

A Day Out In Bakewell

Aah Bakewell.. A Beautiful stone-built town. People come from miles around to see it. It has everything; Warm scones, Cafes, bakeries, history.. And though our stay was a short one, it was most certainly enjoyed.

Illusive, but highly recommended for those times when you just can’t figure out where to go for the day.

There’s something for everyone. From the dedicated walker, delightful indulger to the historical being.

Our son Jacob really enjoyed walking around the lake, feeding the ducks.. Oh and walking across Bakewell’s small imitation of Paris’ love-lock bridge – Weir Bridge.

It was absolutely beautiful to discover that something like this actually exists so close to home. Lovers seal their padlocks to a chosen part of the bridge. The Lovers names or initials are then inscribed on the padlock, and then the key is thrown into the water to symbolise an unbreakable bond and eternity of love.

Among art and poetry, this bridge also represents an unbreakable promise between couples, children and family.

‘The Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop’ The only place where you can get the truly authentic infamous ‘Bakewell Tart’ – And certainly not one to be missed.

The sights are my favourite though. I’ve found that this is the only place where it’s theme is consistent throughout the entire town.

It’s nice to find something a little different to what you have back home…

I would encourage everyone to venture outside their comfort zone and explore the world we live in, because only then will you find hidden treasures and true beauty (Who knows.. It may be closer than you think).

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