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September 11, 2017

So guys and gals, I know I haven’t posted here for a very, VERY, very long time, but what a great time to come out of hiding, why?

Because it’s reached that time where you can finally don your favourite animal onesie (Mine is a Panda), pull on those fluffy (Panda) socks and get out your favourite mug of hot chocolate/coco. Why? Because it’s AUTUMN!

And what better way to celebrate Autumn than a range of autumnal looks created by yours truly.

Now I can’t take ALL of the credit for this as ‘what’s an artist without her tools‘ right? And what fantastic tools they are. So in order to help create these looks I have used an array of professional and high quality makeup brushes which will not be anything new to the beauty community but I feel like I have to give these a mention as they well and truly deserve one.

morphe Jaclyn hill case

Morphe’s ‘Jaclyn Hill’s Favourite Brush Collection’ is a superb example of Jacyln’s favourite and essential pieces hand-picked from the Morphe Brushes collection by Jaclyn herself.

morphe Jaclyn hill case

Not a pro? Don’t worry neither am I, but I promise you, you canNOT go wrong with these brushes. Every one is necessary and EVERY one has a purpose. It is very easy to achieve precise definition, quality and flawlessness with every single one of these brushes and before you know it, you’ll be showing off what show-stopping looks you can easily create with these badboys.

And what is the Robin to this Batman you say? Why the ‘Morphe x Jacyln Hill Eyeshadow Palette’ of course. Yes how could it not be? This palette consists of 35 beautiful matte and shimmer shades that allow you to explore your inner artist. And with Autumn finally here, it means you can really be ‘out there’ and be that daring darling, delve into those beautiful copper-brown-red-gold shades and create a beautiful seasonal look.

morphe Jaclyn hill Palette

morphe Jaclyn hill Palette

Here are some of the looks I created with this gorgeous palette.

use of morphe Jaclyn hill Palette

Just to see how easy it really is, this is a look I created with the shades;

‘Silk creme’,’M.F.E.O’, ‘Pukey’, ‘Roxanne’, ‘Hunts’ and ‘Firework’

final look with morphe Jaclyn hill Palette

Here is another one using the shades;

‘Silk creme’, ‘M.F.E.O’, ‘Pooter’, ‘Pukey’, ‘Roxanne’, ‘Jacz’, ‘Chip’, ‘Queen’ and ‘Beam’

Overall, I absolutely love this palette. Aside from it being stunningly beautiful, I think the colours are so versatile, there is such a great range to appeal to everyone, they are very easy to blend and above all Jaclyn wanted to make these colours super pigmented for her followers – Which in my opinion, she absolutely slayed at!


Watch the tutorial here;

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