August 5, 2016

Avon BB 7-in-1 Nailwear (Shade – Lilac Love)

Review – ‪#‎AVON‬ BB 7-in-1 Nailwear (Shade – Lilac Love)

Nail polish.. Hmmn.. my most favourite thing.. Not!

I’ve always been envious of people that can easily grow lovely, gorgeous long nails, maintain them with beautiful designs and colour and resist the temptation to nibble them – That’s right guys, I’m a biter!

But as this is one of my Achilles heels, I’m always on the look out for a more simpler way to achieve salon-look nails for a fraction of the price and hardly any effort required.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this product as it claims to not only give your nails some gorgeous colour but also gives them strength as well as condition – Which in my circumstances is a win-win!

I’ve chosen Lilac Love but the shades available are very wearable and would suit both a day-time look as well as a night-time one. Which is nice as you can easily switch up a day-time look to a night by just changing the colour to a more rich, deep colour.

As you can see the application is fairly easy and self explanatory – Just paint the polish along your nail and repeat. Don’t worry about being messy (I didn’t!) as I had my trusty nail polish corrector pen on standby to neaten around the edges.

This is a very lightweight polish so you may have to go over again with a few coats of colour in order to achieve an even and finished look – but not to worry as the polish itself dries relatively quickly so you won’t be out of breath anytime soon from blowing those nails frantically in the hopes that you’ll magically speed up the drying process!

Overall, I think this is a very innovative product and with many polishes in the world that have been found to damage your nails it’s certainly nice to hear that there are some available to do the opposite and give your nails that treatment that it definitely needs and deserves but also with a lovely pop of colour!

P.S – If a novice like me can achieve lovely painted nails then anyone can. ?

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