AVON Clearskin Black Mineral Pore-Penetrating mask

July 9, 2016

 ‘AVON Clearskin Black Mineral Pore-Penetrating mask’

WARNING – The following review is not for ‘shower people’ or those who don’t enjoy ‘TLC time’ in the bath.

Also be prepared for bath selfies!

Hello Lovely pamper-ers!????

The product I will be reviewing today is not one that I would class as a key bedtime regime product that I like to reach for when I’m wanting a bit of ‘me’ time.

However, with that being said I’m always open to try new things, and that includes face masks, this one in particular is the ‘Black Mineral pore-penetrating mask’ which basically means it penetrates your skin and gently draws out oil, dirt and toxins that clog up pores by opening them up.

So after a long, tiring day, where some pamper time is very much needed. You would take a generous amount in the palm of your hands, enough to cover your face but only a ‘thin’ layer as it specifies on the packaging, then draw it onto your face in one-directional strokes as I found that if you try to make circular motions with this it starts to get really ‘cakey’ and ‘bitty’ and doesn’t seem to spread easily as the consistency is very ‘sticky’ and ‘tacky’.

As you can see by the (Miners) photo, this product does come out black which is a major bonus for me because I can check to see if I’ve missed anywhere when applying.

clearskin mask

So whilst this mask is drying and doing all that good stuff to my skin, I would generally take this opportunity to apply a deep treatment to my hair, and give myself a good scrub as the mask claims it’ll take 15 minutes to dry – So ladies and gents, this is ‘your’ time!

After 15 minutes have passed or when the mask has dried fully (which you’ll notice as your skin will start to feel tight, and you won’t be able to smile like Mona Lisa), the mask itself will change colour to a light grey,(As you can see in the photo) which means the mask has finished opening up those pores and has collected all the debris from your skin by bringing it to the surface ready for you to wash away in the last step of your regime.

Once exposed to warm water the mask will wash away quite easily. Remember to pat dry gently to finish. All done.

Now, you may think that your skin will feel soft and smooth now as you’ve given it a luxurious treatment – Nope.

After the dirt, oils and toxins have been removed this will leave you with a ‘naked’ face, it won’t feel soft, it’ll just feel fresh and cleansed as you can see by the photo,which is perfect for applying your favourite moisturiser as it absorbs it almost instantly and replenishes it with that much-needed nourishment, which is just like giving your skin a big hug. (:

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