July 9, 2016

AVON MagiX Compact smoothing primer

So today I’ll be reviewing the new AVON MagiX Compact smoothing primer’ from Campaign 11. ?

So, if like me you look forward to finding the next best thing then I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this one.

It’s a primer which doesn’t only prep the skin for your makeup but it’s also designed to even out your skin tone in the process.. I know right? Mind blown or what? ?
Which means ladies that it’s excellent just to wear on its own for that dewy fresh-faced look that we all love to achieve on our lazy days.

Magix smoothing primer

For application purposes – When applying the primer to the face, feel free to use your fingertips, use small circular motions and gradually build up into slightly larger ones until you’ve covered the entirety of the face.

You’ll notice as you’re applying this that the product really does live up to its name, ‘smoothing’. If you refer to the photos you can see that the texture of the product is so soft, creamy and feels very moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.

I also find that it’s an excellent primer to get into the awkward areas. You know.. The eyelids, down the sides of your nose, forehead. It doesn’t leave your skin flaky at all which you can find with some primers and it blends so well with your skin and skin tone and leaves a lovely weightless feeling on your skin which is an excellent base for your next step – Foundation.

Overall, I would give this product a big thumbs up (??)because, not only is the price incredibly reasonable, but the actual texture and technology of the product is amazing and it’s there for those who like to look like they’ve made an effort but invested hardly any time.

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