July 9, 2016

AVON ‘Nutraeffects active seed complex Gentle 3-in-1 scrub.’

Now as you know I’m a gal who loves trying out new things, and I absolutely love sharing my experience with you guys!

I’ve only used this product a handful of times as when I have a bath/shower I like to alternate between using facial products and not just because I believe that if you overuse a product then you’re not really going to feel the benefit of it each time.

So upon using this I found that this product is really good to use to exfoliate with.
The micro-beads that are within the mixture enable you to really buff away all the accumulation of dead skin cells and grime and general cosmetic use and products that we put on our face on a day-to-day basis.

After rinsing this leaves you with a smooth, flawless-looking complexion which is a great canvas if you’re wanting to re-apply your make-up and have a smoother, dewy-glow look to the skin and which will also keep you looking flawless on special occasions.

The one thing I have noticed however, is when applying the scrub with your fingertips, and the product is in place, it can be noted that there is a slight tingly-sensation that you also may feel. (Let me know if this is true for you also)
But as I say ‘if you can feel it then it’s must be working.’


Thank you for your patience in reading my reviews.

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