July 9, 2016

AVON SuperShock MAX Mascara & AVON Satin Lipstick in shade ‘Pout’

Today I will be reviewing two products:
One of which is the ‘Avon SuperShock MAX’ and the other which is the ‘AVON Satin Lipstick’ in the shade ‘Pout’.

rachy apply

For the Mascara, I really enjoyed this product, the wand is designed to thicken up the lashes but as it’s thickening it gives you a good coverage without making them feel clammy or sticky and I’ve tried this product for a couple of days and I’ve noticed that it lasts all day without it sliding into your lower lash line and giving you the ‘pit look’.

Which is brilliant for me as i find that I slowly start to look like a panda throughout the day when my eye makeup has slided. Keep those panda eyes on the panda guys!

rachy display lippy


Next with the Lip Satin ‘Pout’, oh my days I am in just awe and love with Avon lippies and this one in particular, it provides moisture with it actually being visible and it’s such a smooth application that is just so nourishing to your lips and feels like you’re being really kind to them by giving them a really nice treatment. It does last all day however with any lippy you will have to apply it a few times just to get the vibrancy and colour of the lippy. But just love it!

rachy finishedFinished result!

Both brilliant products and cannot rave about them enough, and you’ll be pleased to hear that slowly but surely my cosmetic unit is being replaced with Avon, and why not it doesn’t break the bank but sure looks good for any ocassion. ?

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