February 12, 2017

BODYCARE Eyeliner Review/Tutorial

I am absolutely obsessed with this product.

Okay, so I have always favoured a felt-tip whenever it came to selecting an eyeliner, I’ve tried the gel and brush-type ones and I was terrible with them, I found a lot of the time that I would over-draw on my eye so in the end I looked like I may as well had just wore black eyeshadow.

So, I got this from body care and it’s by a brand called ‘Colorspot’ which I believe may be their own brand.

So I am a victim to the obsessive ‘cat eye’ look that you see people everywhere wearing on a daily basis – I just find it iconic, classy and elegant all in one package.  I love it.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get the ‘look’ right so this is perfect for those of you – Like myself who struggle to achieve that perfect line.

As you can see it has a lovely neat little tip that allows you to really get really close to the lash line so you can always be sure that you’ll get that precise and perfect flick.

Also, not sure about you but I used to find when I used other eyeliners that my eyes would water after a certain amount of time of wearing it also it would smudge off very easily or wear off really quickly.

So, overall I find it very easy to apply, you can achieve accurate and precise lines with this and it seems to last all day.

Which to me are all important qualities when you’re looking for an eyeliner.

What’s your favourite eyeliner, and have you tried this one before?

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