July 17, 2019

How Buying A Pet Can Change Your Life

Soooo guys, I’m back from the ‘glorious’ jobs that having a house extension, or building work in general brings. For example, did you know that if you also have a driveway built that you have to clean your drains first in order to ensure a proper and sufficient flow – I know, yuck right..? It’s a good thing I’m the kinda gal who doesn’t mind ‘rolling up her sleeves..

Anywho, throughout all my troubles and tribulations that I’ve had to face, you can guarantee that I have had my beloved-4 pawed companion right beside me to see me through it.

Which brings me to this post. I want to mention ways in which a pet can help with almost anything you may find yourself going through.

Owning a pet

Rachy holding her 10 week old sproodle, Arnie

Just like I said in my previous posts. Having a pet is an amazing experience. It really can be like another addition to the family. There can be so many personal benefits to getting a pet. Of course, it shouldn’t be motivated purely by the benefits that you can receive, It should be a decision that you make consciously, having weighed up all the benefits and disadvantages. You need to know whether you can commit to it, whether your home is suitable or that you have an approach location to keep your pet, and whether your family is open to it. However, once all the red tape is crossed the fun part can be choosing your new addition. Here are some of the ways that a pet can transform your life.

Think of the exercise you will be getting

10 week old sproodle looking across the fields

Any kind of pet is going to have a positive effect on you, and for some pets that means additional exercise for you. We are all well aware that a dog requires regular exercise or being outside. So with that in mind, it means that you need to be the one that walks it each day. Other pets that encourage exercise is horses, and whether it is the daily walk to the stables or the exercising of the horse, it can be a thorough workout. Getting outside and walking is not going to be a bad thing. In fact, we are all encouraged to be more active in our day to day lives. So fulfilling the needs of your new pet is a great way to do this, isn’t it? Walking and getting fresh air isn’t only the exercise, but it can actually be a great way to clear your head of all the fogginess that can go along with it. Which can also be a good thing for your mental health.

Majorly helps with anxiety or signs of depression

Rachy squeezing her 10 week old sproodle, Arnie

One of the greatest things about a pet is that they can really help with your mental health. Exercise has already been mentioned, but there are other aspects of mental health that a pet can really help with. Having a pet can actually increase your happy hormone levels which in turn will calm any of the negativity and depressive thoughts that can sometimes darken your mind. It isn’t a cure, but it could certainly help.

Helps in becoming less selfish 

Rachy kissing her 10 week old sproodle, Arnie

If you are single, or perhaps you live on your own, there can be times where you are probably guilty of being a little selfish in terms of only thinking of yourself. What you want in life, what you want to do, and how you are going to live it. That is absolutely your prerogative. But a pet can change all of that. First of all there is an overwhelming feeling of love, and this is true even if your family is full and your home is bursting at the seams. Getting a pet really fills you with love and funnily enough you are quite happy watching them figure out their new surroundings and home. However, it also will have you questioning your lifestyle as it stands, and this can be one of the biggest changes of all. Sure you may want to be out all of the time, but that will change.

And when you start to see how much of your life will revolve around this new pet you will begin to see things in a new light. A pet comes with so many challenges in a personal sense and emotional sense as well as a financial one! Regardless of the pet you get that suits your lifestyle, whether it’s a dog or an iguana, you will start to realise what it takes to look after them properly which makes you reassess everything. When you choose an animal that’s not a traditional one this can be a different type of challenge, but a wonderful one nonetheless. And even if you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, there are vets out there like The Unusual Pet Vets that can provide that all-important support. It makes you look at everything in a different light, especially what you and your family do on a daily basis.

Maybe your family is dependent on technology but the introduction of a new pet could see you be outside more enjoying one another’s company. You are less likely to be selfish as you will always put something ahead of you. It can certainly be the biggest learning curve you face, but an unforgettable experience nonetheless.

Have you got a pet? If so then please let me know down in the comment what furry/non-furry friend you have. If not then let’s hope that has encouraged you to consider a pet for the future!


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