December 15, 2019

What To Do When You Struggle To Buy Gifts For Others

Not everyone is talented in gift-giving, and sometimes we can get it wrong for certain people. For those of you who constantly have problems with buying gifts for loved ones, here are a few tips that might help you in getting it right next time.

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Stalk Their Social Media

Social media is a great thing for many reasons, and although it has its downsides, we can find out more about a person than we would have when it didn’t exist. If they’re fans of social media, then they may post comments or photos of themselves referring to different products or things that they use in their daily life. As much as it’s not ideal to be stalking, it’s ok when they’re your friends, and you are trying to shop for a present that will work for them. You can get a lot of inspiration from social media, so pay close attention to what they are posting, and it might give you some helpful hints into what they like, what they need or want.

Think About Their Personality

Unique gifts are always good because they often reflect that person’s love for something. Everyone has a personality, and we’re all different. Personality is a good place to start when you need to figure out what to get them. Perhaps they love comedy and something comically-based like going to a comedy, or maybe they take good care of their skin. Adapt your gift to what they are like and what you love about them. These tend to be the most thoughtful gifts and the ones that will be most appreciated by the person receiving them.

Go For A Gift Voucher Over Something Generic

Generic gifts will tell the person that you don’t know them well enough or that you just didn’t bother to look anywhere else. Instead of buying a generic gift, get them a gift voucher. Find out what their favourite store is and grab a gift voucher or card to wrap. It’s something that will be enjoyed by anyone who receives it because who doesn’t love free money? At least it’s better than a pair of socks. Even if it’s a gift voucher for a sock shop, it’s a better alternative.

Ask Their Friend Or Family For Suggestions

Everyone has family and friends around them who might know a bit more about what they like and don’t like. So instead of having to go with your tail between your legs to ask the person, you’re gifting, why not ask their other friends or family to see what they think. They may have been told something recently that can provide some inspiration or an insight into what they want. So don’t give up before asking others for advice!

Gift buying can be difficult, but there are always ways to get around it in order to figure out what they will like. Use these tips to make shopping for a gift a little easier, no matter who they are or for what reason you’re buying them a gift for.

What will you be getting you and yours this Christmas?

One response to “What To Do When You Struggle To Buy Gifts For Others”

  1. Marie says:

    One of my friends always manages to buy the perfect present for me! I do buy things early on if I see something I know will make a suitable gift.

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