My Essential Winter Wishlist

Lately, I feel like I have been well and truly playing catch up with my blog; posting reviews, updating stories – You know the usual blogging ‘stuff’. So for a change, it has been nice to sit down and write about two things that I absolutely love – Winter lists and Christmas! So with that being said, in this post, I…
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How to Style Your Dresses This Autumn

I’m curious. What do people actually get up to on their days off? Well, maybe the most obvious isn’t booking a hotel down London just so you could get some nice snaps for the ‘gram’ and the blog, to then find that the weather isn’t actually worthy enough for what you originally had planned. So instead you shack up in your…
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Cotton Bag Co’s Selfie Bag Review*

Wonder what it would be like to become the next selfie queen? Throughout this year, the media has become more of a social rhythm in today’s society. And with the media pushing us to be creative and to exploit our advantages and the network in all its vanity, the pressure is on to take that all-important photo and capture that perfect selfie.…
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The Dress

Let’s face it, there are only a few moments in your life when you truly feel twirl-worthy as though you’ve reached your girly potential/achievement – Proms, weddings, and maybe even milestone parties. So okay, all of these occasions scream beautiful, loud, and maybe even flamboyant. However, despite them demanding you to wear something incredibly sparkly or bright and you know…
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Undressing a piece of NUDE’s Gemstone Collection (Oooh.. Naughty, but nice)*

They say that diamonds are forever and are also a girl’s best friend. And all that glitters is …? Silver, wouldn’t you say? For not only is it a stunning, grey-toned metal that has a contemporary, clean and fresh look, which gives an instant boost of confidence and easily suits any skin tone. But it’s also underestimated, and can be the one little (or…
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