AVON – Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting Pearls

July 18, 2016

REVIEW- AVON Ideal Flawless Colour Correcting Pearls

Now if you’re a daughter of a blue-skin, red-hair male like myself or just naturally a pale person in general then you’ll know what it’s like to have the dreaded pale gene which of course at times is both a blessing and a curse. Why a blessing you say? Well we always look young and we’ll live forever!

However, with blessings there are also curses and for me one of those ‘curses’ is having prominent blotchy patches around certain areas of my face (particularly my nose and my cheeks) that displays red-pigmented skin.

So I feel very personal to this next product as it has been quite a life saver since it’s came into my life. Avon have cleverly designed a product that uses a multitude of coloured pearls in order to achieve an even, balanced and glowy look which feels wearable and weightless.

Application as always is really simple, after you have applied your base (primer, foundation, concealer) then just reach for a large fluffy brush and the ‘CC Pearls’, drag the brush over the pearls a few times before swiping it all over your face, particular in the areas that are troublesome for you – done. (Refer to photo for finished result)

For me I find this is a great finishing product as it just seems to seal all that hard work you’ve done in applying your base but and also enhances it by knocking out those unwanted tones in order to give you a more balanced and even look with a subtle shimmer.


Do you get the same results?
Is this a new favourite of yours too?
Let me know. ?

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