January 11, 2018

Cotton Bag Co’s Selfie Bag Review*


Wonder what it would be like to become the next selfie queen?

Throughout this year, the media has become more of a social rhythm in today’s society. And with the media pushing us to be creative and to exploit our advantages and the network in all its vanity, the pressure is on to take that all-important photo and capture that perfect selfie.


Well, selfie lovers, you’re in luck as ‘Cotton Bag CO’s Selfie Bag’ will allow you to take those precious selfies any time and any place whilst also boosting your photography/selfie skills to the next level.

The Selfie Bag comes in a choice of two very practical colours and offers two very different, abstract and psychedelic designs which will easily compliment any wardrobe choice.

The first one is an all-around black canvas bag detailed with metallic gold crescents, stars, and hearts. With the logo ‘The Selfie Bag’ sketched down one side in a gold print.

Selfie Bag

Selfie Bag

The other being quite the white, funky canvas bag indeed. Etched with its abstract western/foliage design this one is a little more daring and experiments with colours of warmth consisting of orange, red, pink, and black.  Also including the logo ‘The Selfie Bag’ down one side, only this time in orange.

Selfie Bag

For me, this bag is the perfect, travelling companion. Comfy and cohesive with its ample amounts of space, this is sure to be a favourite and a selfie-addicts best accessory choice. Aside from the roomy bucket-bag center, you can also find two additional pockets inside which are specially designed to hold your trusty selfie stick and mobile phone, with of course an additional inside generous-sized zipped pocket to hold and protect those all-important bits and pieces.

Selfie Bag

Selfie Bag

Furthermore, with light being a key ingredient to achieving our photography magic and also an incredibly important factor in obtaining our flawless images.

Cotton Bag Co has assisted us with this by including a reflective sheet which is cleverly attached to the inside hem of the bag in order to help us obtain maximum light and become the next Kim-K that we were born to be as we capture that perfect selfie.

Selfie Bag

Selfie Bag

Overall, I think this product is amazingly innovative and will definitely be a huge hit amongst any social media lover.

They have a huge range of bespoke bags

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