Could A Caravan Holiday Be The Right Trip For You?

September 27, 2019

Did you ever take a caravan holiday as a child? It probably brings back some great memories of spending time with your family, but it’s possible you’ve never set foot in a caravan during your adult life.

Caravanning is becoming more popular in the UK. More Brits are buying caravans, and if you like to enjoy a staycation and explore some of the best the UK has to offer, a caravan could be the perfect way to do it.

Think a caravan holiday could be the right trip for you? Read more about some of the benefits and start thinking about your next trip.

caravan on the edge of the wall

Why go caravanning?

It’s easier and cheaper than ever to hop on a plane and venture to a far off place, so why would you choose to go caravanning? There are many reasons for the surge in caravanning holidays, with some of the top reasons, including:

– It’s convenient – you can simply pack what you need to and drive away to somewhere new.

– Britain is full of beautiful locations, so why go abroad when there’s plenty to explore on home soil?

– It’s ideal for families – it can be a home from home!

– It’s much more carbon-friendly than flying.

A caravan can also be a great choice if you’re planning to attend a festival or event. Hotels and self-catering accommodation rentals can fill up quickly when there’s something big taking place, so having a caravan as an option will mean you’ve always got somewhere to stay. It can be an easy way to upgrade a camping trip, meaning you can enjoy the countryside whatever the weather!

Caravans aren’t what they used to be

While your memories of caravan living might involve basic facilities, tiny beds and dated furniture choices, you could be surprised at the kind of caravans you can stay in today. Many of them come with plush, contemporary furniture, bigger beds and much better facilities – perfect for taking your entertainment on the move with you!

While a top of the range caravan could set you back, you always have the option of investing in an older caravan and giving it a makeover. Webbs Motorcaravans campervan conversions are very impressive, and can easily help you transform your campervan. Who says you can’t enjoy luxury mobile travel?

Exploring the best of the UK

Britain is home to so many beautiful locations. Staycations have become more popular in recent years, aided by some of the incredible weather we’ve been having in the UK lately. We have wonderful beaches, towns and countryside to explore, so why not take it all in? Some of the most scenic places to visit by caravan include Snowdonia, St Ives and of course, the Lake District. There’s so much beauty on your doorstep, so it would be a big shame to waste it.

Caravan holidays can be a fun and easy way to explore the UK, so if you’re planning a more affordable holiday for next year, why not give it a try?


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