July 28, 2020

Dealing With Feelings Of Restlessness During Isolation

A lot of us are feeling it. We’re feeling pent up, locked away in our own homes, with a building tension that it seems we don’t have any way to get rid of. However, even if you can’t enjoy the same hobbies and socializing as you used to, just yet, there are ways to combat the feelings of restlessness you are feeling.


Maintain normalcy as best you can

Given that we are spending our time locked away from others, we can feel like our need to take care of ourselves and live to our old schedule might be diminished. However, the more we fall away from our routines and our regular means of self-care, such as bathing, exercise, and cooking home-made meals, the more we can feel like we’re slipping into that isolated rut. As such, it’s worth keeping up with your daily routine and usual rituals as best as possible.


Take the time to get into a new passion

Trying out a new recipe, learning a new language, ordering yourself some paintbrushes, and plenty of paper. If we’re spending a lot more time indoors, then now is the best possible time to make use of it. A lot of us would like to learn a new hobby, anyway, but we might not usually have the opportunity to put the time towards it. For many, we have nothing but time as things continue to reopen slowly. Find a more positive place to direct the energy that seems to be building up inside you.


Replace unhealthy coping mechanisms

We all have coping mechanisms for dealing with the more emotionally messy sides of our lives and some of those coping mechanisms simply aren’t as good for us as others. If you’ve been smoking more than twice your usual amount, now is the time to hit up an online vape shop to slowly wean yourself off of nicotine entirely. If you’re a stress eater, then be sure to work to surround yourself with healthy snacks rather than sugary and fatty stuff. Learning some new coping skills can make sure that isolation doesn’t become an unhealthy spiral.


Get out of the house

Yes, you may have to spend more time at your home due to the ongoing lockdown, and you might not feel as confident as others do about heading out into the world any time soon. However, if you’re not housebound, you should aim to take some time outside. Direct exposure to has a more profound effect on your mental health than you might realise. What’s more, taking the time to run, jog, or even walk outside at a brisk pace can release endorphins that can help change your mindset.

When the pressure is building up in your mind, you need to have your hand on the two valves. One will let out pressure by simply letting you relax, the other can redirect the pent-up energy to something healthy. You need to balance these two approaches as long as you can.

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