May 29, 2019

Father’s Day Gift Guide + Dad Deals 2019

With Father’s Day vastly approaching us at the “speed of light” Said Team Rocket. I thought it would be a nice change (from last years post) to browse a few more unique options available to buy on the market when it comes to searching for a gift which is NOT USUALLY expected for your Father, grandfather, or step-father – As it’s always nice to surprise them with something they never expected to receive, right?

So with that being said, I’ve whittled it down to a few contenders which I think would make an ideal gift for the special gent in your life; (Link)

Nothing says ‘You mean the world to me‘ and ‘I love you‘ more than a personalised gift for the perfect dad! Printster has curated all your favourite novelty gifts and has quite literally put a face’ to many a thing, including; socks, masks, gift wrapping, cups, key rings, coasters.. 

The list is quite literally endless! All gifts are bespoke and made with only the best quality in order to make the perfect gift.

Printster Personalised Wrapping Paper (Link)

Printster Wrapping Paper

Yes, that’s right you’re looking at my fellas head, many, many times..

personalised wrapping paper

*All varieties of wrapping paper are available online for every eventuality and occasion*

Printster Personalised Socks (Link)

Printster Personalised Socks

Super simple interface to use and an incredibly easy website to navigate around in order to print your father’s face on a pair of colourful quirky socks with ease!

It’s often that the recipient generally doesn’t know who the gift is for until those outer layers have been peeled back exposing the gift from within. But with Printster you are always guaranteed a personalised gift within a gift!

Personalised Bottle (Link)

Personalised Bottle Labels

I absolutely love a personalised gift – I mean who doesn’t? It’s a lovely, almost intimate way of displaying your feelings for somebody, enough to warrant gifting a personal item which they love and as an extra bonus for their gift to be inscribed with their name on it!

personalised Peroni

So with that being said, another quirky personalised gift I have come across and can personally recommend for the thirsty men in your life is focussed around a bottle of their favourite tipple (sure to wet any whistle!) illustrated with the iconic bottle company’s logo in the form of a sticker with their name and also signed by yours truly along with a heartfelt message!

Personalised bottle of Peroni with the name 'Damon' followed by a heartfelt message reading 'To the world's greatest Dad'

Reads ‘To the worlds best dad. Happy Father’s Day!’ Retails for £11.99*

Whatever their tastes may be; Beers, whiskey, spirits, champagne or wine there is a bottle for all catered towards every special occasion or event, so give them something they ‘didn’t know‘ they wanted this father’s day!

Although the physical gifts are nice and are truly something we can cherish for years to come, it’s easy to forget that we can also create happy memories by getting both family and friends together and celebrating the day with a plate of their favourite nosh and treating them to a dining experience they’ll remember!

Father’s Day Deals

Toby Carvery (Link)

Toby Carvery Father's Day Offer

A tantalising choice of tasty meats, roasted spuds, Yorkshire puds and all the veg to boot!

Salivating at the thought of it? This could be the most thoughtful and gut-filling gift you give your Dad this Father’s Day – 16th June. And do you want to know what the best part about this event is? It won’t cost you a penny as Toby are providing a FREE CARVERY FOR ALL DADS.

Greene King (Link)

Greene King Fathers Day Offer

Prefer your veg and/or meat in a bun? Then you’re in luck as Greene King are offering all Dads a choice from their exclusive range of burgers this Fathers Day – 16th June! From the ‘Carni-Four’ to the ‘Mack N Chick’ there’s a bun for every Dad!

Want to upgrade? Add a bud with every tasty bun for just *£1 extra!

Hungry Horse (Link)

Offer for Father's Day at the Hungry Horse

Want to treat your Pa to something epic or extravagant? Then go big or go home this Father’s Day (15th & 16th June) with Hungry Horse and get a DRINK OF DAD’S CHOICE ON THE HOUSE WHEN YOU ORDER ANY MAIN MEAL! 

I sincerely hope this list has inspired you to think out of the box a little and maybe even try something different. But as you know by now, I love to hear suggestions so please let me know – What do you buy your Dad/Step-Dad/Grandad each year?

*This post is in collaboration with Printster, and Personalised Bottle Labels, all opinions are my own.



5 responses to “Father’s Day Gift Guide + Dad Deals 2019”

  1. Marie says:

    Oh my goodness that wrapping paper 😁 that’s just such a unique idea!

  2. Sammy says:

    That wrapping paper is hilarious, but a bit scary if it’s your own face I think!
    I reckon my dad would actually love those socks though, going to have a look 🙂

    Love all the deals too – so helpful to have them all in one place, thanks!

  3. Katie says:

    Oh jeez I forgot it’s Father’s Day soon! Thank you for the reminder and the awesome gift ideas! Dads are so hard to buy for, so this has been really helpful. Think I might send him some beer with his name on 🙂

  4. Chloe Chats says:

    I love that personalised wrapping paper! I have to get some for my dad he’d love it haha. I always feel like personalised gifts are the best kind of gifts!

    Chloe xx

  5. Ellen says:

    These are such good gift ideas! I need to start looking😱

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