The Fight Against Fake News

January 29, 2020

There is, alas, no denying that we live in interesting times. This seems to be an age where people are becoming increasingly hostile to people that don’t belong to their political tribe, and when faith in the broader systems that govern and guide the world are at an all-time low. While there are, of course, many reasons for this malcontented attitude, there are a couple of reasons that stand out above the rest. One such example is the rise of fake news, which has caught people, governments, and the mainstream media off-guard. Today, the proliferation of fake news is such that it has a real influence on a person’s decision for who they vote for in national and local elections.

Since this is still a relatively new phenomenon, there aren’t yet too many frameworks in place to prevent fake news from influencing people’s thoughts and opinions. But the fight is underway, and the defence will come from various quarters. The media, politicians, and social media networks will all have a role to play. And so will librarians, who have tremendous potential to educate the public and help to overcome the negative aspects of fake news.

It goes without saying that this is a worthwhile fight, since the very nature of our democracy depends on ridding the world of fake news. If you have an interest in being part of this fight, then take a look at the infographic below, which outlines how librarians can help to make it a thing of the past.

Infographic by University of Southern California
University of Southern California


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