July 20, 2020

Getting There Is Half Of The Fun

When you think of taking a holiday, what’s the first thing that comes to mind about what you’d like to do when you get there? It might be taking in some sightseeing that is specific to that country and culture, eating at region-specific restaurants and cafes, or maybe simply relaxing at your bed and breakfast or near a pool. 

What you might not be considering is how to get around when you get to that specific place. Unless you’re a big planner, you might not know what trains to take, which areas you can walk to versus drive to, and you most likely aren’t thinking about renting a bicycle to cycle past the tulips gardens in Lisse outside of Amsterdam. 

Transportation doesn’t have to just be a part of your holiday though; it can be the whole trip. While you’ll likely depart from whatever vehicle you choose to use, the travel aspect of your holiday can be just as engaging as the rest of your trip. 


Train travel


One of the most beautiful ways to view the Alps through Switzerland is via the Glacier Express, which has a bit of a misleading name since it is not much of an “express” at all. The train trip that passes from St. Moritz to Zermatt is nearly an eight-hour journey that winds across 290 bridges and through 90 tunnels. The train’s pathway leads to World Heritage sites and up the Matterhorn. Even during the snowiest of seasons, passengers can enjoy this day-long trip through Switzerland.  If you aren’t keen on heights, you may want to close your eyes for part of the trip. The Glacier Express climbs an impressive 1448 m of elevation gain.


Bicycling across countries


If you fancy yourself as an active tourist, you’ll feel right at home by renting a bicycle and cycling across various countries across Europe. Happycyclingholidays.com offers guided bicycle tours that span countries including Germany, Thailand, CambodiaCamboia, the Netherlands, and more. 

This is a spectacular way to see places you normally would not think to visit and you’ll be able to see the countryside and culture of the area. If you choose this holiday travel style, the company will take care of transporting your luggage between each hotel or bed and breakfast, depending on the country that you cycle through. Make sure when you are planning you take into consideration the difficulty level, especially when considering your traveling counterparts. 


Boat trips

If you’re heading to the beautiful beaches of Croatia, you may want to try a boat trip from Dubrovnik. Boat tours from the city are popular for visiting tourists, and you’ll be able to enjoy the views of the city, but also visit nearby islands, including Lokrum and Elafiti. Here, you’re able to disembark the boat for a bit of lunch, sight-seeing, and a relaxing stay on one of the many beaches before heading back to Dubrovnik.  This is a great way to see the area without needing to spend a day at each place. 


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