September 16, 2019

Tips On How Not To Get Ripped Off As A Woman Buying A Car

A car dealership can be an intimidating place for a lot of women. Even if you’re knowledgeable about cars, a lot of car salesman may assume you aren’t. Women often pay more for a car than men do, so it’s important to feel confident that you aren’t being ripped off. Go in confident with these top tips. 

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Before you go, do a bit of research online to get an idea of the average price of the car you think you might want. If you know all about a good Audi A3 Sportback motability offer, for example, you have a good negotiating chip to bargain with at the dealer. 


Trust Your Instincts

If you go to view car and you immediately don’t like the salesman, trust your gut. If you get a bad feeling, take your business elsewhere. If the salesman patronises you, talks down to you or seems rude or dismissive, don’t buy from them. Insist on going away to consider what you want to do, and walk away. You don’t have to buy, no matter how pushy the salesman is. 


Get Your Timing Right

The time of year and even the day of the week can make a real difference to the price you pay. If the model of car you’re interested in is a little older, wait until a new model comes out before you shop. With a new model out, prices on the older ones will fall. 


The last week of the year can be a good time to shop too, as dealers try to meet targets and negotiate more on pricing. If you want to spend a lot of time with a salesman and ask a lot of questions, visit during the day. A dealer will have more time to help you, and answer all your questions when the dealership is quieter. 


Know What You Want

Spend some time considering the kind of car you want. Make a checklist of what your car needs to have. If you commute, look for comfortable seats and a space for your coffee. If you drive off road, don’t forget to look for that capability. Do you have children or pets? Look for a large back seat to load up kids or the dog in comfort. If you travel a lot, look for a large trunk for luggage. Take this checklist with you to the dealership. 


Never buy a car you haven’t taken for a test drive. When you do this, life test it too. Strap in your baby’s car seat, and put the stroller in the boot. Do they fit well? Ask a tall friend to sit in the back to test the legroom for passengers. 


Love to drive with your music up loud? Try out the stereo to see what the sound is like. If you’re not good with a map, try the Sat Nav. Is it accurate and simple to use? 


Check Out The Reviews

Failing any of the above, be sure to check the online reviews for car dealerships near you. Read reviews written by women and pay attention to what they say about the service they received. Avoid anywhere with consistently poor reviews from other women. 


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