August 6, 2019

How To Avoid The Holiday From Hell

Are you heading on vacation this summer? Well, then you’re going to love these great tips that can help you avoid the little and big issues you can encounter on what should be a relaxing getaway. 

Stay In The Shade

lady sitting in the shade

Have you ever been to Disney World? If not you’re certainly missing out. It’s quite magical and there’s nothing else like it on earth. Unfortunately, what isn’t magical is coming back to your car after four-plus hours in forty-degree heat and burning your hand on the metal! It’s also not fun to drive back to your hotel in an oven which has just about cooled down once you reach your final destination. 

Well, this issue can be a problem of the past with a car shade. This is going to be great for road trips or potentially Britain with the way the weather’s going right now. Companies like Roof Racks DIY sell these and they really can be a lifesaver on a hot vacation. 

Try Making A Travel Connection 

couple speaking on holiday

‘She broke up with you at the airport’, ‘he slept with your best friend after you booked and paid for the vacation’. Is it the end of the world? Not quite because you can always choose to go anyway and enjoy some quality ‘me time’, invite a relative and turn it into a family holiday. Or if you’re feeling fun and carefree, then there are some great apps that are basically Tinder for travellers. Unfortunately, like Tinder, it’s a roll of the dice whether the person who meets you in a quaint cafe in Venice is anything like their profile. 

Know Before You Go 

We all want to be spontaneous and travel to exciting locations. Okay, maybe not all of us but a lot of us would love to visit Victoria Falls or see the pyramids. That’s great but you should always check the government website before you go. Ensuring a location is safe for travellers from your country will help you avoid one of the worst vacation nightmares imaginable. 

Cash And Card

It’s a simple tip but it’s one well worth mentioning. If you take just cash and it gets lost, you’re in trouble. If you take a card and that gets lost, you’re also in trouble. You can cancel it, but what do you do for the rest of the holiday? That’s why it’s best to take about five hundred pounds in cash, most of which can be stored in the safe through the day and a card for emergencies and shopping sprees. That way, you’re nearly completely covered from a potential disaster. 

Avoid The Connecting Flight 

In 2016, 21.6 million bags were lost or misplaced. Five quid says that most of these were lost on connecting flights. While not foolproof if you’re only getting on one flight and so is your luggage, there’s a good chance it’s not going to vanish halfway there. If you must get a connecting flight, make sure you pack a few days worth of clothes in your bag. That way if you do arrive at your destination without your luggage, it’s not a complete nightmare. 


Got any familiar horror holiday stories? Let me know down in the comments so we can hopefully learn from each other!


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