July 23, 2019

How To Choose The Right Car

I absolutely love driving. The feel of the wind racing through my hair, and my furry partner-in-crime (my miniature sproodle, Arnie) sat by my side the entire journey. I just love the escape, the adventure, how it enables the freedom to roam and go wherever you want to, whenever you want to go.

Miniature sproodle in car

Owning a car

Do you ever find yourself saying “I want to buy a car”, without actually knowing which car is right for you and your purpose? Well, owning a car can be very much a luxury these days. Having the flexibility to get from one place to another with ease and without any hassle of public transport can be a real lifesaver. Especially when you have a busy schedule to adhere to. However, it isn’t always a smooth sailing process. Buying a car is actually a very expensive investment to make. Whether you choose to buy it with your savings or take advantage of different finance options, it is still an expense and asset that you own. So how do you handle the whole buying process while taking care with it? Here’s some advice;

Is the car presentable?

When looking at your potential new car, a good thing to look out for would be if the vehicle was presentable. Much like you may have taken pride when it came to selling your car or just in the general upkeep and maintenance, you equally want to see if the same level of care has been applied to your potential new vehicle. You may be buying a vehicle privately, so this is even more important as dealerships do tend to look after the vehicles and present them well on the forecourt. 

Does it suit your needs?

You may have had a list of requirements when you started looking at a vehicle. You may have found that you have been sidetracked because one caught your eye, or something really felt like the right vehicle. It happens. But the best advice before looking at cars is to have a clear list of what you want, have a negotiable and non-negotiable list. Sometimes it is worth having a list of potential manufacturers and models, such as the New Vauxhall SUV Models for a potential family vehicle, or an Audi A5 estate car if your vehicle is going to be for work purposes. Having your list of potential options will help you to stay on track and not be so easily sidetracked. This will help you decide on the best vehicle to suit your needs. 

How does it drive?

It isn’t just about how a car looks, it is also about how it drives. It is so important for you to ensure that you can drive the vehicle comfortably. It isn’t just about the performance of the car that you are looking out for, you also need to look at your seating position, how you feel sat in it, and whether you are comfortable with the size of the vehicle. A test drive is so important to iron out some of these concerns and can really help you choose your next vehicle. 

Making the purchase

Finally, it is all about making the decision on how you want to purchase the car. You may be using your old car as a trade-in and deposit for the new one, or you may have some cash to put down towards a financier agreement. Other people consider lease options or simply have the savings to buy the car outright. Whatever you decide, let’s hope these tips help you to choose the right car for you. 

Cars driving

Who else loves their ‘pap-pap‘? Let me know what cars you use to take you on your journeys!


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