HOW TO Clean your brushes

May 2, 2017

Hey guys, so today I’m going to be talking about the importance of the boring but useful subject that is ‘Cleaning your makeup brushes‘.

So unless you like to spread all that grungy bacteria across your face time and time again after multiple uses of your favourite brush, then I suggest you listen.

I’ve heard and witnessed horror stories of people who don’t do these very important steps – I was also just like them, I would use the same brush over and over again but of course I was young and naive and did not know the implications of my actions back then, of course I do now and my skin definitely thanks me for it and yours will too.

Let me first tell you why it’s a good reason to start if you don’t already:

When applying foundation to your face, you pick up bacteria from the skin, and then if you don’t wash it off from the brush you have used, then it’s left there for the next use, when it comes to the next use the same problem occurs, more bacteria on top of that which is already there, until your face is left a haven and breeding ground for spots and blackheads to nest in.

Gross right?

So what are the steps to prevent this from happening?

  1. Take the dirty brushes you have used that day and line them up.

2. Squirt the cleaning fluid of choice into the palm of your hand (I find ASDA’s baby Head to toe wash is a good choice for this as it leaves your brushes super soft as well as cleaning them)3. Begin swirling and smushing (gently as we don’t want to break the bristles) the brush around your palm until satisfied with how much it’s covered. And repeat for all brushes and sponges.4. When ready, squeeze the brush tip throughly under running water to ensure you don’t leave any product, and then just watch it go down the sink.6. And done, however If you feel that your brushes are not to a satisfactory standard of cleanliness then feel free to rinse and repeat – Literally!

So that’s everything guys, I know it wasn’t the most riveting subject to talk about but it was however an important one because you don’t want a dirty brush or face for that matter. And so it may add an extra what, 5 minutes onto your usual skincare ROUTINE but I guarantee if you don’t already, that you will notice massive improvements to your skin. Including less spots and an overall easier application when it comes to applying makeup as it will no longer have to compete with those pesky spots anymore.

So that’s all for today folks!

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