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March 10, 2018

Now before you say it, I know what you’re thinking. For a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, why the heck is she talking about Good SEO?

Well, because it’s something that concerns all influencers and creators overall, and I believe it to be a very important subject to talk about, and seeing as this (to me) comes under the category of ‘Lifestyle’ I think I can, right?

 As well as this being incredibly important, hopefully, this can help those of you that may feel a little bit stuck, unaware or just simply need a little direction where to go to hopefully drive a little more traffic and exposure to those all important sites of yours.

But first a little bit of history

Since being an early age I can recall being every essence of the word ‘nerd’ I had a major interest in all things technology, and most importantly computers.

It was just the ‘thing’ back in those days (or so I thought), and this ‘thing’ ended up taking 3/4 of my childhood life. (The other 1/4 I believe was spent sitting in front of Nickelodeon!)

So, when I decided to start my blog I thought I was ready.
I was so confident, I thought  ‘knew everything’ and was determined to excel at it.
numbers, rules or manuals didn’t matter. I had the makings of an independent ‘girl boss’ and (thought) I knew it all.

Then I came across HTML, JS, CSS, and SEO – And let’s be honest guys, you know something is supposed to be difficult or hard to discover when they have to abbreviate the name because it’s just that long.

So now realizing that maybe I didn’t ‘quite’ know everything. I decided to look into what it all actually meant.

And turns out that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – Which is just a fancy way of saying ‘How your website performs and ranks’.

Eager to know more, I decided to seek help with my blog and I came across a lovely lady named Silvia who was ready to come on board.
She has been in this industry for over 7 years and translated as a wizard to the web when it came to marketing and networking.

I explained to Silvia that I wanted to make my site faster, as user-friendly as possible, easy to be ‘crawled’ by Google.

(Again just another posh word for being searched and rated) without losing any detail or quality.

She knew exactly what to do and just what to advise.

As I was a complete novice to this whole idea, she carefully explained everything in a way that I could understand.

No jargan, just real words.

Within no time at all, she ran a statistical analysis on my site and created reports which pinpointed every little detail about my blog. What she found to be good, bad and what needed little or immediate improvement – But more importantly how to achieve this.

She explained it like this..

Domain Authority is addressed in four parts:

1. Your website was easy enough to be crawled (Searched)

This must be assessed with a Site Audit (and fixed in the eventual points where there should be an issue)

2. It is relevant to the keyword that is being searched 

This is determined by the choice of assigning to every page of your site one specific target keyword (and a couple of supporting ones, if you like), which should be chosen very carefully, after launching a Keyword Search.
The choice of the keyword is very strategic,
then the content of that page must be optimized so this keyword appears in all the specific places where Google will search for it.

3. It provides a good User Experience.

This will be evaluated by some factors like Page Speed, Mobile Friendliness, click-through-rate, Bounce Rate / Dwell time on Page,
which can be easily checked by looking into a website’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console,
which are all tests that could easily be done.

4.It is referred to Google by a number of high-quality backlinks

Finally, backlinks should be evaluated for their quality.

Ones with “toxic scores” must be disavowed to Google and the anchor texts of the good ones improved,
as much as possible, without searching for new ones as often as possible.

The more and the better these criteria fit together, the higher the site’s Domain Authority scores.

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have the quality content to start with.

As who’s going to keep coming back to a blog that doesn’t hold any interest to them?


This post is still in the early stages of being written

Please intermitedly check back as I will continue to learn with Silvia and update my findings here as I learn.

Hopefully this post will be helpful to those that just need to tweak their blogs to improve their visibility

– And how to do it!


Pink SEO

Thank you to everyone at the PINK SEO team for working with me and helping me obtain my perfect site!

I highly recommend Silvia for all of the mentioned above

If you would like to work with Silvia in order to vastly improve the foundations of your blog
then please visit!


4 responses to “How To Make Your Blog Appealing”

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you. This is helpful!

  2. Marina says:

    This is so helpful for a starting blogger! Thank you!

  3. SEO Nottingham says:

    This article is not factually correct the four points highlighted above do help but are only a handful of the key factors taken into account when Domain authority is calculated.

    Its a 100 point score scale based on a websites popularity and not wholly based on the above mentioned factors. If you want to increase Domain Authority then firstly you need great content that users will read and share in addition to sharing that content with other high domain authority websites by back linking / link sharing which you have mentioned.

    SEO can be taught in bite sizes like this but there are hundreds of factors that could improve your search ranking, page load speed and mobile responsive websites also play a huge role in improving a websites SEO.


    • Rachyreviews says:

      SEO is still very much new to me and as I have already said, this blog post is still in the making. However, it is taking a bit of a back-foot right now as I’ve just been incredibly busy.

      But thank you for clearing that up, as I find it incredibly interesting and I’m always eager to learn something new.

      Mind if i use some of your facts within my blog post? As it is a blog post that I am building on as I start to learn more.

      Thanks (:

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