August 1, 2019

How To Stay Healthy On Holiday *Tips*

It’s officially ‘holiday season’!

Whether you or your kids are summer jetsetters or the most ingenious planners, there’s always something to do. Although it’s essential to let yourself go, staying healthy on the other hand is often the last thing on traveller’s minds. After all, you want to go and have a good time! Many people associate holidays with lazing on the beach, eating whatever they want, and drinking in excess – maybe even partying the night away most nights. However, living like this (even just for a week) can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Below, you’ll find some pointers that anybody can use to stay happy and healthy on holiday. 

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Practice Great Hygiene 

Make sure you practice great hygiene by washing your hands after the bathroom and before you eat. You should also use hand sanitizer where possible. If you’re travelling with kids, it’s especially important to make sure they do the same. Picking up bugs is all too easy on holiday and can ruin the whole experience if you pick any of this up!

Read Up About The Food/Water Before Travel 

Each and every country is different, so you’ll want to read up about the food and water before you travel. Usually, the water will not be safe to drink and you’ll need to stock up on bottled water. Know what foods to avoid and which are fine to eat, and be wary of buying food from street vendors in quiet areas (the food may have been sitting there for a while). 

Stay Active 

Staying active on holiday is a great way to have fun and improve your fitness. For example, surfing in Essaouira is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy in a gorgeous country. There are also so many other ways to stay active, such as swimming, walking tours, hiking, hiring a bike, and more. 

Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do while on holiday – especially if you are staying active in the sun. Have a bottle of water with you at all times and make sure you drink from it regularly. Drink even more water if you’ve done a bit of a workout or walk. Becoming dehydrated in a hot country is one of the easiest ways to get sick and ruin your time away. 

Try To Get Plenty Of Sleep

If you’re planning on partying, then getting sleep will be the last thing on your to-do list. However, making sure you catch up when you do finally get to bed is important. Lack of sleep can mean feeling anxious, and it can even lead to slower reaction times – dangerous if you’re taking part in water sports, or renting a car to get around in. 

Avoid Indulging In Too Much Alcohol 

Nobody is telling you to abstain from alcohol while you’re away, but make sure you don’t overindulge. Not only can alcohol easily dehydrate you, it can also make you feel awful and ruin your trip. Alternate alcoholic drinks with non alcoholic drinks, and drink slowly so you know when you’ve had enough. 

Of course it’s possible to stay healthy on holiday, and the tips above will make sure you still have the best time! 

Let me know in the comments below if you’re due to jet off somewhere sunny anytime soon, or if you’re keeping it simple and calm this holiday season!

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