December 5, 2018

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Just as the pop star sensation, Jessie J said;

“It’s okay not to be okay” – And you know what, she’s absolutely right!

A LITTLE DISCLAIMER FOR Y’ALL BEFORE I CONTINUE -Please don’t be alarmed by the sudden direction that my blog has taken with this post – I’m still your carefree-loving influencer who creates content evolving around reviews, beauty tutorials, videos and everything that I ABSOLUTELY love doing! But when I first started out in the social media world, I knew that I wanted to create a platform based around all real-world topics which are both honest, and of course real and could be something that people could relate to in their everyday life.

As everyone has those days when they feel a little more fatigued than usual – When the daily doesn’t motivate us anymore and even the littlest of things can start to feel like a huge struggle. Whoever you are, take a deep breath and relax – EVERYBODY has these days and everyone is allowed to take the foot off the pedal every now and then, it’s called self-healing and it’s a necessary part of being human and getting back to feeling like one.

So, I’m hoping this is a post that most people will be able to relate to and even admit to feeling at least once in their life.

Let me start by saying I am no expert when it comes to talking about other people’s well-being, feelings or even what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes. However, I can compare these feelings to experiences that I have either been through or had in my life. Whether it’s; just being in a funk/mood, thinking no one else in the world could possibly understand you or just, in general, feeling shitty ‘crap‘ is perfectly normal. In actual fact, one in four people of the world’s population will feel this way at some point, and just because you have these feelings or may feel this way does not suddenly make you Satan reincarnated, looney, or a mental case. – You get the gist!

You are human and these feelings are perfectly normal.

And no I’m not going to stop repeating the word ‘normal’, because you are, and just like a mantra, you need to hear it in order to believe it.

With that being said, I know most of us (myself included) will brave a face and try to hide our worries from our nearest and dearest in order to not burden them. Though as I’ve learned throughout the years and a whole lot of distress, this is not always the best practice.

So why does this happen?

While it’s always nice to have a reason behind these episodes in a bid to rationalize them, I’m afraid sometimes there just aren’t any and that’s okay too.

Having said that, there are ways in which we can improve our state of mind and as a result hopefully make ourselves feel a little better.

These are my recommendations;

  1. Surround yourself with love – This can be with either your friends or family. If they’re a good friend they’ll already know that something doesn’t seem quite right and you can bet they’ll be doing their darn best to ‘snap you out of it’. However, It doesn’t always work (and that’s okay) but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the efforts of a loving friend. So, whenever I feel ‘this way’ I always seek the love of my family, as I’m a very family-orientated person, and I know no matter how I feel or what troubles may be filling my worried little head –  I know they’ll always be there. So don’t be afraid to invite them in and let them be the shoulder that you need, as they love YOU – warts and all! A problem shared is a problem halved.
  2. Put aside some ‘you time’ – This is probably one of the most (If not THE most) important steps to adhere to. It’s very common sometimes for ‘issues’ to be caused through mental exhaustion. So whatever your outlet is; Whether it’s exercising, playing video games, taking a holiday, eating (Yep this can be one – And you’re welcome) or even just having earlier nights. You’re allowed to have those precious days, weeks, sometimes even months to just take it back a notch and do something that you really enjoy and is going to benefit you and your well-being. So embrace this time, and make it work for you!
  3. Dance – I know what you’re going to say – “What if I don’t feel like it?” Just give it a try, you can even practice doing this by yourself. Put on your favourite tunes and give in to the beat/rhythm. Just like exercise, your body will automatically release those happy endorphins which will result in feelings of well-being. And dancing is a particularly effective one.
    So strut your stuff and dance like your happiness depends on it because sometimes it actually does.

Whatever you choose to do, please please remember that things CAN get better, and tomorrow WILL be a better day;

‘The bad things that happen today could be paving the way for the good things coming tomorrow – trust the process.’

So, if there’s anything of value to take away from this blog post it’s ‘Note to self: It’s okay not to be okay.’

I hope this was of some help to you guys, and I would just like to let you know that if anyone would like to discuss ANYTHING that they may be going through or feeling, then my box is always open.

Love you guys!



4 responses to “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay”

  1. Georgina says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for spreading the positive vibes…we all need it..

    Georgina |

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Aww, thank you lovely. Well, it’s true, I’ll help anyone in any way that I can – I think sometimes all we need is for someone to hear us and make us feel like we’re relevant. *Virtual hugs*

  2. Nicia says:

    Surrounding yourself with love is the best tip of all. This is something I have to remind myself of constantly. Depression is like an angry little man telling you to isolate yourself, then you just fall deeper in the muck.
    This is a beautiful post.

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Oh most definitely. Could not agree more! I’m lucky in the sense of not only being a family-orientated person but also having an excellent support barrier when it comes to help and advice etc. If you ever feel like you want someone to discuss these feelings with then let it be said that my box is always open. I wish you the best.

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