June 6, 2018

Late Lake District Break

We live in such a busy world, don’t we?

I think if we actually took a moment to reflect on just what we accomplish in our days as (super) human-beings, then I’m sure we would shock ourselves.

However, all those duties and tasks which we pressure ourselves to do can eventually take its toll. And you can soon find yourself in desperation of some much-needed ‘you time’.

After all, you’ve earned it.

With that being said, we decided that it was time for a spontaneous, little family mini break.
You know, just some time away from life’s laborious hustle and bustle, in order to refresh our physiques and reboot our mental wellbeing.

So we browsed through the likes of trivago, booking.com and as we left it to the last minute, lastminute.com. And after ringing around a few local places (and some not-so-local), we eventually came across the beautiful B&B, Boots and Boards which was nestled against a lovely little village road leading to the beach.

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards


Boots and Boards is a lovely original stone-built property which houses so much originality and character that you would struggle to find anywhere else. The house is situated near the shore, in a town not too far from Haverigg, called Silecroft.

Everything in the house had been preserved in the most intricate way. Original minted tiles greet you as soon as you enter, and beautiful, solid hardwood doors are dotted across the hallway.

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Hallway

Cumbrian establishment owner, Sal welcomed us warmly and gave us our keys before showing us to our room, Coniston.

At the top of the solid wood staircase stood 4 rooms which were named after Cumbria’s famous fells; Coniston, Pillar, Helvellyn, and Langdale.

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Landing

As we walked into our rooms everything was just perfect. Lovely clean, cosy room, with large sash windows and plenty of hospitality, right down to the little things, such as the little jug of milk that was left on the side for our evening tea and the tick list to complete in order to order our morning breakfast.

(My apologies, i’ve had to use the B&B’s photo of the room as I accidentally deleted the one I took.)

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Coniston Room

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Bathroom

In the morning we went downstairs for breakfast, and Sal kindly allowed our Son, Jacob to have a pick of some of the toys which were stored in the room adjacent to the dining room in order to keep himself occupied as well as entertained.

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Breakfast table

Boots And Boards

Boots And Boards – Entertainment room

A full Cumbrian breakfast was served. Though Sal also catered for fussy tummies and alternatives were available.

Full Cumbrian Breakfast

Full Cumbrian Breakfast


Breakfast sufficiently eaten and drinks happily supped. We then decided to go for a walk on Silecroft beach, and what a lovely idea that was. I could not believe that a place could make you feel so good. Any worries you had just melted away as soon as you stared out to evergreen sea. Everything moved so slowly and gently, it was a completely different pace of life up here, and in that moment, I knew that I had found my happy place.

Silecroft Beach

Silecroft Beach

Jacob and Arnie (And Daddy) took turns to run across the shore, this place was just as special to them too.

Silecroft Beach

Silecroft Beach

This little break (And boy WAS it a little one) has done a tremendous amount of good for us. Let it be said, that you don’t always have to spend a huge amount of money to have a good time, neither do you have to go abroad. Sometimes the world’s precious little gems are right on your doorstep, you just have to look for them.

Silecroft Beach

Arnie – Silecroft Beach

I highly recommend the Lake District, it’s a place which has a totally different pace of life and is incredibly back in time (by 30 years I’d say), there’s community, sociability and accommodating friendly faces to meet and greet.

What more could you ask for?

However, I’m always on the lookout for new places to try. So let me know of any special places that you have visited as I’m always intrigued to know what else our wonderful country holds.

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3 responses to “Late Lake District Break”

  1. Looks like a lovely place for a relaxing weekend. Love the photos!

  2. Faisal says:

    Lake District is amazing and I would like to try and go more often.

  3. Kristin says:

    I love spur of the moment fun trips! This looks like such a nice place to visit and it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

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