October 11, 2019

Living A Healthier Life For Your Future Self

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Of course, it’s cliche to say “you’ve only got one life”, but think about how fast it all goes – I can’t believe my little one is nearly five! While we can start healthy habits with the best of intentions (new years resolutions..), we can’t always see the fruits of our labour. Naturally, things getting the way. Something like low self-esteem can cause a few speed bumps in the road. But when we think about the decades that we will live, and the people that rely on us, we have to figure out the best ways to live a healthy life, not just so our dependents are healthy and happy, but so our future self will thank us as well. What are the best ways to do this?

Get Into The Habit Of Regular Medical Checks

Some people do it like they set their watch, others tend to avoid it like the plague. It’s important that, especially as you get older, you get into the habit of looking at what could potentially derail you based on your age. It’s very easy to go to a place like the CBD Medical centre to get yourself checked. Not just in terms of the big issues, like smear tests, but also, giving you the opportunity to put your health right by getting those blood tests that may highlight an intolerance or a lack of minerals or vitamins in your system. Think of yourself as a car; keeping on top of it is the best way to ensure you keep yourself running at optimum.


Fighting The Internal Signs Of Ageing

It’s most definitely a varied subject, but if you want to keep yourself running at optimum, you’ve got to look at the things that are kryptonite to you. As far as ageing is concerned, you may find that it’s very simple; perhaps you are allergic to something like either gluten or you are struggling with stress and anxiety. Whatever the issue that can cause you to age, it’s worth addressing this head-on, and finding the appropriate methods to tackle it in a healthy manner. It’s not just about the physical signs of ageing, but it’s also about keeping an open mind and realising that there are ways to ageing healthily without weakening yourself.


Prioritise Your Sleep

Sleep is not for the weak, and in fact, it can make all the difference. Yes, we spend a lot of time burning the candle at both ends and when we are young we think that we can handle it without issue; the big problem is that this will set us up for a fall later on in life. It’s always worth prioritising your sleep because if you wake up feeling groggy, this is going to continue throughout the day, and before you know it you will build up a sleep deficit. As you get older, it gives you the chance to keep your body free of illness as well as injury. Don’t forget, if you don’t sleep as much your immune system feels the impact.

Yes, these things may be very simple, but when you start to look at your body and mind as a machine that needs to be maintained by taking a little time out for you, then this can help provide a new perception on how to look after yourself.

Have any other tips that you religiously use to implement positivity and self love? Share below!

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