January 23, 2018

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box January 2018

LOOKFANTASTIC January 2018 Beauty Box

LOOKFANTASTIC January 2018 Beauty Box

LookFantastic Review – Beauty Box (January Edit) 

What? Another beauty box in less than a month? Well yes, I’m a skin-caring, make-up wearing, cosmetic-loving addict and as such I must have my beauty boxes! Ahem, glad that’s out of the way… Now onto the important ‘stuff.

I’m going to be unboxing Lookfantastic’s January 2018 beauty box, which from a quick glance I can already see that it primarily consists of skin care products – Which is great, as I’ve been trying to find a skincare routine that works for my overly dry, moisture-lacking skin. Fingers crossed!

This month’s Beauty Box consists of;

BALANCE ME – Congested Skin Serum

So this gel promises to make your skin look flawless and to diminish all skin imperfections whilst keeping the skin glowy and hydrated. Sounds like an absolute winner to me, it also claims to be 99% natural, which is incredible as this means that you’re only putting good ‘stuff’ on your skin – which is always nice to know.

BALANCE ME - Congested Skin Serum

BALANCE ME – Congested Skin Serum

This is perfect for an ‘on the spot’ treatment as it has a small snout which will not only help with precisibility but also skin which is prone to breakouts.

This also smells incredible.

MONUSPA – Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil

Okay, so this one I know is going to be a favourite, as I LOVE ginger, not for it smelling like ginger, but because to me it smells like those little round purple sweets you used to get as a child, I believe they were called parma violets – I know, I’m weird. Ahem.

Moving along…

MONUSPA - Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil

MONUSPA – Warming Ginger Bath & Body Oil

This one is a mixture of ginger, lemongrass, and orange – Proven to be uplifting, awakening and is perfect for morning baths.

Whenever I have a bath (Which is 9/10 times) for me, there is no greater feeling than being encased in a warm, milky-like consistency, which not only adds a little resistance to your bath water but also melts onto your skin.

Upon emerging from the bath, your body is left feeling incredibly silky, smooth and instantly hydrated from head to toe.

ESPA – Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

This one is for the bleached babes out there. Everyone knows the struggle of maintaining beautiful silky locks, when all you can see in the mirror is over-processed, dyed, fried, tresses, which we have done to our hair over the years in order to get our desired colour (Which by the way, we are never satisfied with).

ESPA - Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

ESPA – Pink Hair & Scalp Mud

Time to rekindle an old bond and give your hair some much-needed attention and love. I believe this intensive treatment could help with this.

It provides a clean formulation, to condition and nourish, whilst also being full of all good minerals, as well as being enriched with Vitamin C, it contains Apricot Kernel Oil – Which are all key ingredients to promote stronger, healthy-looking, manageable hair.

KORRES – White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

I’ve yet to find a cleanser that doesn’t totally strip my skin of its natural oils and moisture. Try as I may I’ve just never been able to find one. Don’t get me wrong, skin cleansers are great as they do the job, but they never seem to leave my skin feeling soft and what I would imagine them to.


KORRES - White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

KORRES – White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

This product may just be the holy grail I was looking for, as it promises to not dry out sensitive or dry skin and will leave your skin refreshed and clean. The main ingredient in here is white tea extract which is a natural antioxidant protection and also a toner for the skin. Bonus!


Keeping on the skincare theme, this is an excellent requirement in order to maintain a good skincare routine.

Hydraphel Skin Supplement, Light Controlling Lotion, White Marble Essence Lotion.

It was a luck-of-the-draw as to which type you got in your beauty box, but all came with their own amazing skin benefits and no matter how different, they would suit any skin type. I received the Light Controlling Lotion

ERNO LASZLO - Light Controlling Lotion Toner

ERNO LASZLO – Light Controlling Lotion Toner

Light Controlling Lotion is for acne, oily skin with enlarged pores, this toner will gently exfoliate to remove dead skin cells whilst soothing and calming irritations.

The other two you could get were..

Hydraphel Skin Supplement – For dry, sensitive and mature skin, it will hydrate and soothe the skin while reinforcing its defenses.

White Marble Essence Lotion – For dark spots, dull and hyper-pigmented skins, it will brighten and even out your skin tone in no time while encouraging the repair and renewal of your cells.

MODELCO – 3D Lash Primer

I love, love, LOVE Modelco’s products in general, and if this one can deliver beautifully coated, volumized lashes where I don’t have to go over HAM on the mascara, then I’m sold on this one too!

MODELCO - 3D Lash Primer

MODELCO – 3D Lash Primer

I naturally have very long and straight lashes and every day it is a task for me to get them to stay in a ‘curled manner‘ in order to enhance my eyes and make them look flattering.

This product, however, promises to condition, volumize, maintain the curve while priming and adding thickness to your eyelashes which also stays put all day! (I (Again sold!)


Again there is a very generous variation of quality skin care products, suitable for anyone and any skin type.

Let me know if you’re also a subscriber and what your thoughts are on their beauty range.

Alternatively, if you would like to subscribe to their latest beauty boxes to discover new brands (From only £13 a month) and receive some beauty goodies for yourself along the way, then just click here or head over to LookFantastic.com

Have a fantastic one!

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  1. Elena says:

    Really nice selection of skincare products!

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh wow, I really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to. Great review! Thanks for letting me know *takes out credit card* ☺️

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