LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review April 2018

April 17, 2018

LookFantastic Beauty Review – Beauty Box (April Edit) 

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty box April 2018

LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty box April 2018


This month’s beauty box is all about bringing revitalisation, rejuvenation, and awakeness back into the skin. It’s about updating our old beauty routine in exchange for something fresh out of the box and well, new.

And I am so excited, as it contains plenty of cult-classic beauty products that a lot of beauty gurus are loving at the moment, so it really gives me a chance to jump on the metaphorical bandwagon and test them out for myself (Without all the hefty costs that it would usually entail).

April 2018 Beauty Box Contains;

Addicted to Instagram feeds (As I like to stay ‘in the know’) I know a few YouTubers have recently got back from a trip in Mexico with PÜR with the annual celebration of their latest releases.

This is their;

PÜR Fully Charged Mascara

PÜR Fully Charged Mascara

Which promises to add instant lift, volume, and definition to your lashes with just one swipe! Now that last statement is a big claim, as it usually takes me a good few coats to actually see any type of lift, as normally one coat will only tint my lashes black-er.

It claims to contain magnetic technology within their new formula through a Magnetic Polymer Matrix that binds each lash in a positive electric charge.

Doesn’t all that sound very technical indeed, and not going to lie but I’m a little bit hesitant on the whole ‘Positive electric charge’, does that mean that we’re actually going to feel some kind of shock when this is being applied? I sincerely hope not…


Place the brush wand at the base of lashes then hold for a few seconds to set. Wiggle the wand in a back and forth motion and repeat to build up lashes. Use the wand vertically to apply to the lower lash line.

It’s a reasonable-sized brush, which seems to pick up lots of product in order to coat your lashes, whilst causing no discomfort or heavy-feeling in the slightest. It’s just your average-type mascara really.


Next up in the box is the;

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Created to help problem skin and blemishes instantly with its blend of acids and oils in order to help unclog pore congestion and clear skin.

As someone who very rarely struggles with skin issues, I probably won’t appreciate this as much as someone would who does have issues with their skin.

However, it is a good product to have on standby, as just like everything else, skin can change and when I do come across those days where I think my skin could look better then I’m sure this product will be very much appreciated.


If you have normal or combination skin, apply a thin layer to clean skin. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with water. If you have sensitive skin, use solely on the T-zone.

Can also be used as a spot treatment when needed. Place a pea-sized amount on a blemish, leave for 20 minutes and voila!

Moving on to skincare, which as you know is a firm-favourite topic of mine!

EMMA HARDIE’S Moringa Cleansing Balm

EMMA HARDIE Moringa Cleansing Balm

Awakens your senses by delivering the ultimate rejuvenating experience. Works to lift away makeup and any impurities while revitalising dull skin. Leaving your face brighter and hydrated.

Brighter and hydrated – Two words that I absolutely love, because as you know I struggle with trying to keep my skin looking bright vibrant-looking, so this is going to suit my skin perfectly.


Take a small amount and warm between your fingertips to melt the product. Apply to the face, neck and eye area and massage thoroughly into the skin. To remove, soak a cleansing cloth in warm water and gently sweep over the whole face.

Small tip: This can also be used as an overnight facial treatment, or on spots and breakouts.


Keeping to skincare, this next product is a moisturiser;

NUXE Creme Fraîche de Beauté

NUXE Creme Fraîche de Beauté

Known as a ‘comforting moisturiser’ (which I believe means that it sits well on the skin without weighing it down or any irritations) this claims to melt effortlessly into the skin. Softening, soothing and protecting you for 48 hours (Ooh..) with its dose of Vegetable Milks and Algae Extract. Your skin will be safeguarded against damaging pollution (natural elements) and is left feeling supple, fresh and plump in appearance.

It doesn’t say that you should avoid any skin type, so I believe it is suitable for all types of skin.


Apply liberally morning and/or evening to the face and neck – Simple enough ey?

What I would probably like most from this product is the defence of 48 hours and the fact that it smells like oranges and a very woody scent!


This next product has got me a scratching my head a little, it’s the;

DR BOTANICALS Vegan Bergamont & Poppy Seed Soap

DR BOTANICALS Vegan Bergamont & Poppy Seed Soap

Sounds delicious right? Aside from smelling AMAZING, this promises to be refreshing on the skin, cleansing and exfoliating for the face, body and also hands. The black poppy seeds will gently exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin cells, while the shea butter and macadamia oil cleanse and hydrate your complexion.

This explains the overpowering scent of our beauty boxes this month, you can definitely smell the bergamot, which is known as a fragrant citrus fruit the size of an orange, with a yellow or green color similar to a lime, depending on ripeness. This is placed in here not only to help your skin but also to instantly uplift your mood. Works for me!


Lather up in the bath or shower using your hands and rinse thoroughly – I can’t wait to smell my skin after one use of this!


And lastly we have the;

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

These look incredible for the skin and a real treat. However, it says to be used daily, so does this include a number of uses for each pad? As there are 10 in the compact. Again, I’m not sure and the packaging and instructions don’t explain this well, it just says to use ‘daily’, so honestly, I’m not sure if you could get any more uses from just one pad.

But these contain exfoliating Glycolic Acid which is designed to retexture and resurface skin whilst the Witch Hazel helps to tone the skin. This moisturising formula with Hyaluronic Acid and soothing Blue Daisy helps to reveal brighter and smoother looking skin.


Wipe pad across face, neck and décolleté. Apply to cleansed skin once or twice daily. Avoid excessive sun exposure + contact with eye area.

In order to keep skin extra protected, be sure to apply an SPF moisturiser after use.



This month contains a nice variation of skincare/cosmetics along with your complimentary copy of the latest ELLE magazine.

Let me know if you are also a subscriber and what your thoughts and feelings are on the latest beauty boxes!

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Alternatively, if you would like to subscribe to LOOKFANTASTIC’s beauty boxes to discover new brands (From only £13 a month) as well as receiving some beauty goodies for yourself along the way, then just click here or head over to LookFantastic.com

Have a fantastic one!

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  1. Melve says:

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    Love u girl. Loved it..

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    Looks like some great products!

  4. Charmain says:

    Loved the review. I’ve heard so much about glam glow masks, EH balm (becoming a cult cleanser) and I’ve used the Nip+fab pads. they’re pretty good.

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    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been meaning to try out a monthly box subscription!

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    Seems like these are great products! Some of the brands are new to me so will definitely check them out. Thanks for sharing! By any chance your are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!

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