LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review March 2018

March 27, 2018


LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box March 2018

LOOKFANTASTIC March Beauty Box 2018

LookFantastic Beauty Review – Beauty Box (March Edit) 

Back with another Beauty Box for the Lookfantastic Beauty Box Unboxing Series!
Lookfantastic’s March Beauty Box not only looks aesthetically intriguing but is also prided to be one-of-its-kind.

Instead of receiving another color co-ordinated box, this month you’ll receive a box which is artistically inspired by the pop art culture. Its message is to deliver 6 cleverly collated products which help make us feel beauty empowered, and to remind ourselves that all beauty comes from within as well as out.

“It’s about not being afraid to move from your comfort zone every once in a while, to try something new and if you like it then don’t be afraid to stick with it and own it!”

March’s 2018 Beauty Box Contains;

SKIMONO – Foot Mask (£9.99)

With us now approaching spring, it will be nice to show some flesh – And that of course also means our feet, which have been hibernating for months now.

SKIMONO - Foot Mask

SKIMONO Beauty Foot Mask

So if I’m going to risk my (monkey) feet being seen, then I would at least like them to look fresh, awake and well, pretty.
This obviously comes from a good routine and LOTS of moisturizing.

The Skimono Foot Mask claims to be a deep conditioning treatment featuring dual-layer technology. It comes in a sock-form which means it’s super easy to not only apply but also function as normal throughout the day.
Infused with Shea Butter and Olive Oil this is specifically designed to soften any hard skin you may have whilst adding some much-needed moisture.


OMOROVICZA – Balancing Moisturiser (£85.00)

Known as quite the popular brand and one I’ve heard very positive things about.

OMOROVICZA - Balancing Moisturiser

OMOROVICZA – Balancing Moisturiser

As you may know by now (And if you don’t then you should, as I’m always rambling on about it) I’m always looking for any moisture-infused products to smush on my dry patches as it’s a big issue for me, and for some reason my skin can never have too much moisture.

Pleased to receive this in my March beauty box, this product will leave your skin feeling supple and balanced whilst minimizing pores and brightening your complexion (Really? That would be incredible).

The consistency is known to be a light, cooling gel-type cream and is a fantastic moisturizer for providing long-lasting hydration. And here’s the best bit guys – This product is also perfect for any skin type.

Mind blown? Yep, mine is too.


RENU – Advanced Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask (£34.95)

With the cooler weather now dissipating I can now strive for brighter and awakened skin as ‘hopefully‘ it will lose the dull tone it has been holding onto ALL winter.
Although a quick fix would be to try out the next product I got in my Beauty Box.

RENU - Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

RENU – Anti-Ageing Flash Relax Mask

This product promises to promote bright, smooth skin as it is infused with Vitamins C & B5 which naturally enhance your skin’s radiance.
This mask is also a multi-tasker and will intensively hydrate your skin (There we go again with the moisture, and as you know I love me some moisture!) keeping it feeling soft and vibrant.


SKINCHEMISTS – Rose Quartz Lip Plump (£25.90)

I am so happy to find this next product in my Beauty Box.

SKINCHEMISTS - Rose Quartz Lip Plump

SKINCHEMISTS – Rose Quartz Lip Plump

Plum, luscious-looking lips is something I was never blessed with.
And the thought of injecting needles into my lips in order to get this (Temporarily), absolutely terrifies me!

But why do you need to when cosmetic companies have invented products like this?
Not only is it a pain-free solution, but it also looks every bit as good as if you were to get lip fillers.

I am a major fan of Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker, as not only does it leave a lovely tingly, soothing-menthol sensation on your lips but it also gives them a good boost of hydration and nourishes from the inside out.

Containing Vitamin E, this product is a must-have as it soothes and protects your lips from any type of skin damage. Also, it leaves behind a lovely peppermint scent to taste.


STYLONDON – Oval Face Brush (£??)

Although it’s a nice change to receive some tools/brushes in the Beauty Box every now and then,
I have to say that this is my least favourite product to have received.

STYLONDON - Oval Face Brush

STYLONDON – Oval Face Brush

I still don’t understand how they could possibly measure up to the;

larger makeup brushes that we already fell in love with and the beauty blenders that we can’t live without.

Although, it could easily work as a contouring brush as it’s idyllic size is perfect for the job.

DOUCCE – Freematic Eye Shadow Duo – 78 Kate & 81 Tenley (£??)

I love my neutral-brown colours, so this was a major fist-pump moment when I pulled these pair out of the box.

DOUCCE - Freematic Eye Shadow Duo - 78 Kate & 81 Tenley

DOUCCE – Freematic Eye Shadow Duo – 78 Kate & 81 Tenley

Small in size, but big things usually come in small packages, right?


They are both gorgeous shimmers which contain few light flecks, admired when caught in the right amount of light.

They’ve also selected a universal duo to suit any skin type, from the palest of colours to the deepest.

The pigmentation payoff is incredible and is totally versatile for any makeup look.
Creamy and weightless in texture and highly pigmented whilst having excellent blendability.

Who could possibly want more in an eyeshadow?


All of these products come to a total value of over £135.50 along with your very own complimentary copy of the latest ELLE magazine.

Let me know if you’re also a subscriber and what your thoughts are on their beauty range.

Alternatively, if you would like to subscribe to their latest beauty boxes to discover new brands (From only £13 a month) and receive some beauty goodies for yourself along the way, then just click here or head over to LookFantastic.com

Have a fantastic one!

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7 responses to “LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review March 2018”

  1. Milly says:

    I haven’t had a box sub in a while, but this one looks good – the eyeshadows are lovely shades!

  2. Lana says:

    These beauty boxes are such a good deal considering how many products you get each month. Omorovicza is a really good brand and their products are supposed to be amazing. I’ve not tried the Oval face brush as I tend to use a beauty blender for applying foundation. Amazing products this month!

  3. Ashton A.K.A FashionMeCurvy says:

    This seems like a really great box! I subscribe to some from time to time. I like the idea of the beauty.

  4. This box seems to be amazing! Curious if this Omorvitza moisturizer would work for my combo, sensitive skin.

  5. Anika May says:

    Love the sound of the Balancing Moisturiser, and that it works for all skin types! Definitely going on my wishlist 🙂

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  6. I haven’t looked into beauty subscription boxes in ages and this one looks so good.


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