LUSH ROSE Bombshell Bath Bomb

April 4, 2017

Oh my days guys, this is truly an awesome bath bomb. What starts off as being a pink rose-engraved sphere is suddenly transformed when hitting the water into a mini firework display right in your bath tub. As the fizzing process slowly comes to an end, yellow rose petals, shoot every direction you can imagine across your bath.

Once the display is over and the outer shell has completely dissolved, you are left with a lovely combination of magenta and white gradients which compliment the vibrant yellow rose petals very well.
The floral oils that now surround you help to completely relax and unwind you.. whilst the lemon scent still keeps everything fresh and clean.

Totally recommended for any lady that just wants that little bit of well-deserved ‘me time’ or a couple with romantic gestures.

Check this bath bomb out here


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