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October 15, 2017

Remember the days when Frosties was the COOLEST breakfast cereal around and not monitored for its unhealthy amount of sugar.


Climbing those huge trees in an unkempt woods just so you could feel like Robin Hood, not quite caring how high you actually were.

Don’t you miss them?

I say, “bring back the good ol’ days.” Where we had the freedom to do what we wanted without anyone telling us how.
A world where we were allowed to be kids and have fun.

For that reason alone, I instantly fell in love with this brand, as I find that MAD BEAUTY not only encapsulates these fond childhood memories but also redesigns them in a modern image and one that everyone can enjoy being a part of.

So when I was asked to review a few products from their Disney range, (being the born and bred Disney gal that I am) I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

And here is what I got;


Minnie Head Band

I’m not sure about you guys, but whenever I’m concentrating on either skincare routines, or just simply the application of my makeup. I like to make things easier by scooping any hair off my face so I have the whole canvas to see and work with. Now normally to do this, I would settle for either a hairpin (Which easily comes loose) or a plastic headband (Which I find never quite fits the shape of my head – So again the hair becomes loose).

Minnie Mouse hair band

So I was so pleased to discover that soft elastic headbands existed for all your beauty/skincare requirements, and now will definitely be a staple that I reach for every time I start either of my beauty routines.

Minnie Mouse hair band

As not only does it feel amazingly soft on your head and (surprisingly) not one bit tight in the slightest, but it also works a treat at keeping those pesky strands of hair away from your face.

Of course fashioning the iconic Minnie Mouse bow whilst you do so- As who doesn’t love Minnie?

Minnie Mouse hair band


Mrs Potts and Chip Lip Gloss

How can you not love these little guys? Absolutely perfect and a must-have for those times when you’re out and about and are suffering from the ‘now’ cold weather to have this cute little duo from the iconic Beauty and the Beast – Mrs Potts and Chip Lipgloss set. Super glossy to the touch and intensely nourishing for those days where your lips require that extra little bit of TLC and love.

Both feature in a delicious fragrance, Sweet Strawberry for Mrs Potts and a Gorgeous Grape flavour for Chip.

Mrs Potts and Chip Lip Gloss

Not only will they both taste divine, but your lips will thank you for it too. Mine certainly has.


Minnie Mouse Face Mask

As for skincare, my general routine consists of; Cleanse, Moisturise, a reviving oil and not much else. So I was pleased to have this included in my package as I feel my skincare routine requires a little more attention – okay a lot! And forgive me when I say, that receiving an actual face mask (Yep that’s right – A mask that is a face) is quite alien to me. In fact, if there weren’t detailed instructions on the package then I honestly wouldn’t know how to use it or where to begin. But thankfully, there was and very simple ones too, also very easy to follow for those skin newbies like me.

Ensure you have a freshly washed makeup-free face, tear open the packet, remove the grey mesh plastic that is attached to the mask and then stick the sheet-like mask on your face – How much simpler could it be?

Prepare yourself now..

Minnie Mouse Face Mask


Did you prepare yourself? No? Well as funny as this looks – this does actually work! It doesn’t feel creamy like you would expect a generic face mask to feel but instead very saturated, cooling and also extremely hydrating. As soon as I applied this and positioned it on my face correctly, I could literally feel the rose water dispersing to every inch of my covered face, absorbing into it whilst soothing and moisturising the skin.

After leaving the mask on for 12 minutes as instructed, and rinsing off the remaining residue this is what my skin looked like..

Minnie Mouse Face Mask

My skin feels rejuvenated and soft, it smells amazing from the rose water, feels hydrated and looks far more vibrant than before.

Minnie Mouse Face Mask

This mask is fortified with rose water, which is very calming on the skin and helps promote a vibrant and glowy complexion.


Lightbulb Moment Nail Polish Duo

Ever had a light bulb moment? You have? Me too! Tell me, has one ever looked as cute as these guys? Of course not, and as the title suggests, these two nail polishes come in the shape of mini light bulbs. Which not only is a novelty item to have but also is so unique, bespoke and incredibly innovative. They come both in a metallic purple shade as well as a shocking pink-type of colour. And though these vibrant colours are beautiful and pair very well together, it’s not something that I will be reaching for during the cool, autumnal months.

Lightbulb moment Nail polish

However, with that being said, these are a must-have for spring/summer, when everyone comes out of their hibernation and starts to introduce a bit of colour back into their routines.

Shop online at

*PR – All views and opinions are of my own.

Have you guys tried any of their collection?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.




3 responses to “MAD BEAUTY’s Collection*”

  1. Ioanna says:

    Hahaha loved the picture with the face mask on!! I truly believe if my boyfriend came to the room and saw me with this on, he would run for the hills!
    Glad to know that apart from the funny design it actually works.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ioanna | A Beauty Lover’s Stories

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Bless you! I think if my partner and I weren’t living together then when he saw me with the mask on then he would have run for the hills instead of bursting out into histerics! I was so amazed and surprised though, it was a lovely experience.

  2. military says:

    bookmaгked!!, I really like your blog!

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