April 26, 2018

Meet Arnie

Rachy and Arnie

Children are incredibly precious. They start their life by coming into this world as a little dependent. (Well a lot, but you know what I mean)
They need you, want you for even the slightest thing. As you are their everything.

But Jacob has now gravitated from his first dependent stage and onto the next stage in his developmental journey.  Now approaching nearly four, he’s no longer my ultimate dependent. He’ll always be mummy’s little man and he knows that. But he’s moved onto the next chapter of his life and taken that first step into the outside world and all it has to offer.

I never mentioned a significant other did I? Well I have one, a fiancé actually. He’s so lovely, though we rarely get to see each other as he’s the main ‘breadwinner’ and always working away, claiming all the hours he can get to provide for his family – You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

So I guess what I’m trying to say without trying to justify myself too much for having a fur baby, is with the current situation it’s natural to feel lonely as there is a sudden lack of companionship.

However, my mother lives not far from me and owns three ‘fur babies’; two miniature schnauzer siblings, Isla and Murphy and a gorgeous black and white Tibetan Terrier named Elsa.

They’re so loyal, fun, and just bursting with personalities and love to give you of plenty.

Until now they would take it in turns to come over and offer their much-loved companionship. Which was always welcome (They loved it as much as I did).
I would ‘dog knap’ mum’s eldest, Murphy. However, it became so regular to a point where he would become confused as to where he lived, which wasn’t fair on him or my mother. And truth be told, it was only a sticky plaster until the inevitable was to happen and the right ‘fluffy’ came along.

On Monday I made the decision to not have another ‘Groundhog Day’. So I arranged to look at some miniature sproodle puppies in Leicester (It was the closest place near to me that actually had a litter ready).
So I rounded up mum and we headed for the car. A journey was to be had. But anything worth having is also worth the miles you’ll go in order to get it.

Miniature sproodle puppy

“Hello I’m Arnie!”


Well, when we got there our hearts sank and it suddenly became apparent that this now became a rescue mission. The house was VERY unkept; Beds downstairs, wrappers misplaced and the smell of mold and meldue saturated the house. We were led into the house, over a stair gate and into a cold, damp room. There shook four of the world’s most curly-haired, fluffy little bundle of joys you ever did see. Two girls; one in black with a white bib, one chocolate with a few random white markings, and two boys, which consisted of a black and white with white markings and Arnie, the chocolate sproodle with a white speckle on his chest.

Choosing wasn’t easy, and I commend anyone who can when they’re faced with the tough decision of ‘Who shall I rescue’, as those cute button-nosed faces made it extremely difficult to play God. So needless to say it was the longest viewing, 2 Hours…

But finally, Arnie was chosen and he was coming home with us. He shook and wined the entirety of the journey. He would no longer see his Mother or his siblings, but also in that moment, he had just gained a new home, freedom, family and a wonderful life ahead.

Jacob and Arnie

This is the beginning of our chapter together in this great, weird and wonderful life. And I think it would be lovely to update you as he develops.

I’d love to hear your opinions. What do you think?

To read more about Arnie’s life, click here!

6 responses to “Meet Arnie”

  1. lauren davis says:

    So cute I remember when we got our little Fur Baby 4 years ago now, I cannot imagine life without him now!

  2. Amy says:

    Ohhh, he is sooo cute 😍😍 he will keep you pretty busy I think!

  3. Nicia says:

    Ahhh Arnie is just the cutest thing ever.

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