Mothers Day!

March 23, 2017

Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be for the sons and daughters out there like myself that get to this time in the year and think “I’m not quite sure what to get mum or grandma this year”.

This is for you guys.

So just remember, It can be as expensive or cheap as you like, I’m not telling you that you HAVE to buy these things but rather just ideas of what you could buy if you wanted.

Rachy’s top 5  tips for mothers day gifts:

Number 1: Keeping it nice and sentimental and close to home, PHOTOS which have always been a good gift to give for any occasion, and mother’s day is no exception. So there are lots of things you can buy on the interwebs, but my personal favourite for these type of gifts has got to be Boomf. It’s a new company which offers lots of different customisations and personalisation for your events and occasions, I recently purchased a valentines card for my other half and the innovative opening is what initially sold it to me in the first place.

Also they offer free shipping worldwide, so you can spread the love.

Number 2: GIFT EXPERIENCES. So depending on what type of lady she is, you can get an experience for anything nowadays.

Spa breaks, Dining, Car Experiences, Mini breaks, Diving etc..

Never a bad thing to be brought as it shows that depending on what experience you choose, that you’ve thought a lot about them as you brought it with them in mind.

For this I’ve got to go with Buyagift. They are my go-to for ALL my gift experiences. They have an extensive range of experiences, they’re very prompt, very competitive with their prices, always promoting their best offers AND very flexible and understanding.

So say you brought your mum a driving experience and it wasn’t her ‘thing’ or she rather fancied the Spa break instead.

You could get in touch with them and providing the price matched or was just over, they would easily swap it for you or postpone it for a good length of time if for whatever reason you couldn’t make it just yet.

Love them for this reason as I brought my dad a Lamborghini experience 7 years ago – I know 7 years right.. And he was looking so forward to it, then he had an accident at work and was no longer able to partake in the experience, made a small call and within minutes it was changed and now they are going to be enjoying a lovely mini break away somewhere.

Number 3: Similar to the first, FAMILY PHOTOSHOOTS.

So wherever you are, you’re almost guaranteed to find a photographer in your local area. And almost all will offer group shoots, which I think is a brilliant idea for a gift. So you get the family together, make a day of it, tell them to do whatever it is that makes them feel great.

The more the merrier with group shoots as including everyone will make this a very versatile present and a wonderful memory,and one that can be shared with everyone for any occasion, grandmas included.

When it’s done, then head over to that nearby, Max speilman, Jessops, ASDA, wherever it is that you can print out your shots from. Include it in a card, upload the photos to a gift to make it personalised, the choices and possibilities are endless. Many times I’ve used the Funkypigeon site to personalise gifts with my photos.

Number 4: BAKING. Nothing says Happy Mother’s day than a slab of her favourite cake. It doesn’t have to be perfect (And I’m glad about that – As I’m not the best cook) But there are so many advantages to this: It’s personalised, it’s well-thought out with the choice of flavour, it’s family involving and most of all it’s bloody fun to do. I mean who doesn’t like baking.

Also for those of you who are probably thinking – I can’t gather all the ingredients in time or just like me are lazy and always like to find a short cut, or an easier way of doing stuff, there are cake mixes.. Hallelujah!

And my favourite has got to be the Betty Crocker mixes. Oh my days! the cakes these produce are just SO good, you have literally everything there in the packet, they’re really simple to make, the instructions are just so easy to follow and you only need egg, oil and water which means that they’re lovely, creamy and moist to taste too.

Number 5: HAMPERS. So depending on how little or as much as you’d like to spend on your mum depends on how you will create your hamper, but again this can be with anything. So wicker baskets are really easy to find and are so so cheap, combine it with some nice coloured tissue paper for the lining and now all you need are the items. So after you’ve managed to fill it with your trinkets, then wrap it up with some cellophane for the sides and finally a nice ribbon or bow to finish this off just to tie this all together and complete the perfect gift.

Of course this is just a rough guide to what you could get.

However the best gift that you could ever give your mum, which I’ve found is always appreciated and very inexpensive, will always be a hug and a few lovely words as you can never say enough nice things to your mum.

Thanks for reading!

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