April 25, 2019

My 1 year old Sproodle!

For those who haven’t totally forgotten me (Because I have kinda been off the scene for a while..) – Hi, I’m Rachy and I have a sproodle named Arnie who turned 1 in February.. Remember the promise I made where I said that I would document Arnie’s life into adulthood? Yeah, that’s also me.. – Worst blogger of the year award goes to.. Having said that, and honestly I am by no means trying to excuse my actions with a kitchen extension, or people ‘literally’ coming off the rails.. I have had my fair share of cruddy stuff to pre-occupy me or consider me busy.

So excuses over! Let’s talk about pooches – As I’m sure that’s what you’re here for..

Where do I begin, well where did I end my last post? *Quickly scurries to check*


Well, I am pleased to say that we have well and truly crossed this bridge and built a castle on the other side! Since around 8 months old he became the perfect little puppy – just went to bed and woke up the most perfect little sleeper; No unnecessary night time runs, no howling/wining and no unwarranted wriggling around in his bed, and of course when I say ‘his bed’ I actually mean ours. Yes, our dog sleeps on our bed – I’ll just give you a moment to process that..

I know it’s all down to personal preferences. But gone are the days where it’s farfetched to believe that your companion can also become your cuddle-buddy – Afterall, he’s part of the family now, and I will always see Arnie as an extension of our family, I wouldn’t want him any other way.



Now, he’s the perfect little companion, no bones about it! However, walks are definitely still a work in progress.. I blame the ‘dreaded breeder’ as they never socialised him properly, at all. But as I said in my previous post, the adoption process suddenly became a rescue mission when I saw the state he was in so a few complications were to be expected, right?

After all humans are not too far removed from mammals, and if our parents didn’t raise us to be the wonderful humans we are today then I’m not so sure that we would be 100% either. But on the bright side, as every day goes by he proves that this little bump at the beginning of his journey hasn’t totally knocked his confidence.

SpringerdoodleSpringerdoodle Playtime


Now, it’s unfair to really judge his personality as he will always be just that little bit excited, jumpy and, overall playful – Hello.. It’s in the Springerdoodle breed. But, if you’re noticing more-than-usual excitement or activity then this could be a result of boredom, which can easily be fixed by taking your pooch a nice, lengthy walk to his favourite location in order to remove excess energy and get those feel-good hormones working right again.

But it’s playfulness, that’s all it is and that’s as far as it goes. I have no concerns whatsoever about his mannerisms or any potential aggression. There just is none. No, it’s just playing and his happy little face shows this. However, he knows when to reel it in.. – When mummy’s socks are no longer a pair, and knickers and boxers suddenly appear to have holes in them..

Springerdoodle Playtime


Though I was brought up owning dogs, I was never actually sure that having my own was going to work, especially when having a 3-year-old (as he was). But I cannot fault the Springerdoodle breed; They are loving, loyal, patient, compassionate little creatures and give endless amounts of love to those who love them. Arnie has changed our lives for the better – His furry paws have well and truly imprinted our hearts and what a lovely family addition we have made in return.

Please, please, please send me photos of your furry friends and their stories as I would absolutely love to hear about your family additions!



8 responses to “My 1 year old Sproodle!”

  1. Geraldine says:

    oh my gosh your doggies are so cute!! They almost look like they’re little stuffed animals cause they are just so well groomed and photogenic haha! I’ve never heard of the Spingerdoodle before but that sounds like a lovely combination with a great temperament 🙂

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Thanks Geraldine, I like to keep him well groomed as unfortunately the breed is prone to getting quite matted fur which I can imagine is no fun for him or comfortable. But the Springerdoodle is a lovely combination of Springer Spaniel and Poodle. So both lively and loving temperaments which means he’s excellent with children (Major plus!).

  2. Ellen says:

    So cute! Glad he’s settling in nicely!

  3. Chloe Chats says:

    He is the cutest! I love seeing dogs getting all excitable and playful, it never fails to make you smile. Glad he’s settled in well, and it must be so lovely having him around <3 xx

  4. Your pup is super cute! My Golden Retriever is my best buddy and also my running partner. Really can’t ask for a better friend then a loyal pup!

  5. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness, Arnie is so cute! And photogenic! What an adorable pup!! I love this little rundown of his 1 year birthday; I’ve been thinking of doing one for my cat, who’s adoption day is in July. Such a cute cute post!

    Emily @ http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

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