My Essential Winter Wishlist

November 21, 2018

Lately, I feel like I have been well and truly playing catch up with my blog; posting reviews, updating stories – You know the usual blogging ‘stuff’. So for a change, it has been nice to sit down and write about two things that I absolutely love – Winter lists and Christmas! So with that being said, in this post, I will be bringing you my favourite essentials which are perfect for the now cosy winter season.

For all these essentials I will be mentioning the multifaceted company, Esprit which was founded in the 1960s. Esprit created an ethos that supports a revolution which promotes a cleaner environment; one where waste is no longer an option.

They embody a philosophy which rethinks every step in the fashion life cycle;

“Re-examining the way we approach design, material selection, manufacturing, and distribution, and align with new streams to support care, collection, resale, recycling, and reutilization.”

Highly recommended for any occasion and is especially exceptional for this time of year as it houses some of the most beautiful go-to’s and wardrobe staples.

Here are my Christmas Wishlist Essentials

Everyone has that one special gift in mind which they cannot wait to give their loved ones – You know, the present that you’ve probably taunted yourself with (most likely) due to the costs, but then have gone back in the end to buy because you cannot find anything remotely similar, or cheaper – So you give in. Yes, that one.

Don’t worry as Christmas is the perfect time for giving!

But it’s not just Esprit that’s in the giving mood this season, so I’ve gone ahead and curated an ideallic gift-list fit for anyone, so here are my seasonal must-haves to deck your relatives halls, and be jolly doing so!


“Baby, it’s now cold, and wintery and wet outside so these are a perfect choice for the season.”

Khamaleon Block Heel Black Leather

Kadi Casual Mid Buckle Brown Suede










And no you can never beat a good pair of your classic UGGS for comfort, but as for durability and wearability, I have to recommend a nice pair of Office’s knee-high leather/suede boots – You know the kind that you feel you can take on the world in – That kind!

You can get them in a vast assortment of styles and lengths, but I just think these are perfect for everything and any occasion – I literally live in mine. They are so versatile, and just get you out of well, everything!


“Yes I’m afraid diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend – As us ladies do appreciate a bit of sparkle. But that doesn’t mean it should cost the earth!”

Accessorize has got some absolutely stunning ranges on offer this Christmas – Sure to suit any budget but also tastes. And I’ve selected a few for you here;

















Silver Moon Necklace – The moon in all it’s ‘glory’ fashioned into a beautiful cosmic sparkle and as a result created a dainty little pendant which is sure to impress the wearer of anyone’s neck.

Rose Gold Hoops – Unintendly sticking to a crescent theme, let me introduce these beauties – Rose gold hoops, incrested with Cubic Zirconia gems for the ultimate sparkle.


“As who doesn’t love a bold slogan/print?”

Though it may not be to everyone’s tastes highstreets have seen bold colours and prints being popular this season, and in particular the Leopard print;

Bright Blue


Light Grey











So you can easily wrap up this year in a cosy layer with any of Esprit’s Leopard patterned Jumpers. If you’re not afraid to be adventurous with your colours then this garment will totally showcase your playful side and unveil your personality with the alternative selection of leopard prints on offer.

The Trousers

Corduroys – “Plenty of room to live in”


Bottle Green












Who says comfort can’t also be stylish? No one that’s who, and with good reason as the corduroys are the perfect combo to wear for casual-looking trousers with all the flexibility and stretch that is required for those of comfort-hugging pants. Finished with a delicate amount of studded detailing across the front pockets, as well as the cuffed trouser legs, these pants are perfect to fit in for ANY occasion.

Again these come in a variety of different colours which gives you flexibility throughout your entire wardrobe.

Winter Warning

The Long Coat – “Designer and Practicality rolled into one!”

Camel Double-Breasted Coat


No statement is complete (especially in this weather) without the perfect winter coat. Made from a specific wool blend and designed with a long lapel and two side slit pockets this coat is made not only for your desires and convenience but also your warmth and can easily conform with any outfit of choice – A perfect staple for your winter wardrobe.

Cosy Comforts

“Perfect items for those most intimate spaces as beautiful feature pieces!”





























These are my ‘wish-list’ wonders for the festive period and my Essential Winter Warmers.

Containing nearly every item you need to make your cosy spaces feel cosy, homely and also well, themed!

I highly recommend giving Esprit a look-over if you’re looking for a particular item for a special occasion or just simply need those essential bare necessities, as you can easily find everything you need (such as all the above items) and more and all from the comfort of your own home – Because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy the occasional browse on the interwebs every now and again?

Please feel free to let me know your favourite Christmas essentials – As I’d love to hear them!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!





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