February 12, 2017


Where do I begin? I Absolutely love this pan, it’s large size makes it useful to cook anything in and it’s beautiful almost granite design makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen.

I brought this from Amazon about month ago and my whole foodie-life was changed forever!

JML Non-Stick Regis Stone Pan Set with Anti-Scratch Surface (Set of 2)

The technology behind it though is what really makes this a showstopper

“Superior even heat induction, increased heat absorption, easy to clean (BIG PLUS), non-stick finish, no oil needed, Tough anti-scratch surface, Die cast base, step-fixed handle (No loose handles) and my favourite – These pans are suitable for use on ANY gas, induction, electric and ceramic which makes them universal.”

For the non-scientists out there (Like myself) it basically means that this is a fantastic pan for ALL your culinary delights. They are so robust and long-lasting.  No longer will you have to worry that if you scrub it too hard or use certain tools it’s going to scratch easily or that you need to be careful how you pick it up because the handle is so fragile.

These are like bedrocks of the pan world. So guys and gals go forth and do not be afraid to be that God/Goddess in the kitchen as with this pan your cooking worries are over.


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