My Valentines Getaway!

February 26, 2017

So when I was told at the last minute that I would be going on a valentines weekend away, I was shocked. I didn’t know what to expect. As being the fairly new parents that we are, the times we were able to get together and have some ‘us’ time were very rare and few and far between.

However,  I was never told of our destination only that we needed to pack for every occasion.

Surprised and excited at the thought, the time came for us to depart, and my suspicions began. After asking I was told that our journey would take at least an hour.

So, when we pulled up, I was in absolute awe to what we was greeted with.

The place? ‘Breadsall Priory’

A traditional old worldly, 13th-century building situated upon 300 acres of lush fields with extraordinary and breathtaking views.

So I expected as much with our room, and I wasn’t half right.

The bedroom. Upon entrance we were immediately greeted by a lovely king-size bed -A lovely soft, cushioned mattress complimented by a wooden bed frame, surrounded by two twisted wooden table lamps and a rather majestic solid wood dresser adjacent to this.

It had a lovely feel to it, the cosy, snuggly warm type.

The en-suite was just as lovely, although the decor on the more modern end of the scale.

It was laid out beautifully, pristine with a long bath tub at the end and all the necessities, with the lovely offering of sundries – shampoos, conditioners, soaps etc.

Unbeknown to me, my beloved had also booked us a spa treatment which consisted of an ‘all body massage’.

However, this was booked for 3.30pm and it was only 12.30, so we had ample time – So where did we decide to spend it? The Jacuzzi and pool area. (Sorry guys – No photos here!)

This was an absolute beautiful area and a much appreciated one, we made full use of their facilities before we were to go for our spa treatment – which was both a relaxing and calming experience for the mind, body and soul. (I didn’t realise just how stressed you had to feel in order to benefit from this)

Our bodies soaked in an assortment of oils from our treatment, we retreated to our hotel room to get bathed and ready for our evening meal.

Now as alcohol had been flowing throughout the day, this meant that I was slightly tipsy by now and had forgot to take a photo of our evening meal – But it was a culinary delight – Chicken patè on crouton for starters and £28 worth (Yes that’s twenty-eight pounds!) of medium rare steak for main – Exquisite!

We originally went with our friends, so the night ended with, banter, laughs, alcohol and ya’ know all that good stuff!

I highly recommend this place for absolutely anyone. I loved every minute I was here and it certainly did not dissapoint.

Certainly not an experience to be missed and highly recommended for those of you who wish to seek ultimate bliss and relaxation or just quiet time as a couple, click here to be directed to their main page.


Thanks for reading.


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