July 5, 2016

AVON Nail Experts Corrector Pen

corrector pen

My review for the AVON ‘Nail experts corrector pen’

Just opened my box of goodies and seeing as though the majority of my order seemed to be focused around nails, I thought I’d put a bit of colour on my digits.

So, I’ve tested the ‘Gel shine: Rain Washed’ polish and seeing as I am very much a novice to the application of nail polish I thought my saving grace would be the Nail corrector pen so I could pretty much get away with being my usual, messy self.
Or so I thought. Upon the first use of this pen it was great, the top was lovely and moist which made my error correcting nice and precise, and I could get to the bits that I couldn’t usually reach with a cotton bud and acetone. Having said that after the 4-5 fingers I used this on, I noticed the tip was becoming very dry and ‘caked’ in polish which meant i was just smudging it around my fingers.

Final conclusion:
I think the idea behind this is fantastic and I can totally see the point in bringing this product to our attention also it’s very innovative. However, I think in order to keep this pen ‘working’ I would recommend a small bath of acetone standing by to re-moisten the tip.

-Precise correction
-Easy to reach troublesome areas
-Easy to use and hold as comfort with being a pen-type product.
-Great for the first few fingers

-Becomes dry fairly quickly
-Gets ‘caked up’ after the first few attempts
-Smudges around the hand when the tip is dry.

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