January 15, 2019

New year. New me (Goals for 2019)

Now before I start, I did have the intentions of getting this post written a few days following New Year’s day. HOWEVER – As I’m sure many of you will agree, January (Assumably the MOST boring month of the year) is the time where a routine recommences and everything (And I mean EVERYTHING) has just hit the resume button in a fairly big way. So as you can see the intention was there, but unfortunately so was the reality.


Although it is extremely easy to feel a little deflated (to say the least) after the Christmas period, we’re not going to! So let’s stop moping, kick ourselves up the butt, and start the year off with a new year, new goals list!

Also, just a courtesy warning; This post may surpass the usual expected word count which means it may also take a while to read. So in order to avoid a crick neck or even a stiff one, I recommend plenty of exercise between paragraphs and plenty of hydration – So please have a cuppa standing by at all times and maybe even a biscuit? – May I recommend a good ol’ hobnob as who doesn’t love a crumbly one..?

Ahem!.. Other than that feel free to get stuck in, pull up a pew and enjoy the read!

1Lose weight/get fit


It’s no surprise that I’ve put this one in as my first now is it? We all strive to start our New Years on the right foot just after Pigmas.. I mean Christmas. So, unfortunately, this means getting back into the routine of caring what we put down our necks and unfortunately monitoring that – Ugh, I hate that word. It may also mean doing a few more steps than usual. Yep, that’s right, those steps from the bed to the sofa do NOT count!

So with that being said, I’m going to try and break this down into two simple rules; 

Living a healthier life


Eating right

Which are both basically the same thing, I guess I just wanted two?

Now, I’m by no means what you would call overweight or fat, but on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that I’m content or happy in my skin either. After all, being ‘fit’ means so much more than just appearances and looking trimmer or slimmer when you do the daily twirl in a mirror – No? Just me then. It demands a healthier mindset. I remember someone once said; “Train your mind and the body will follow” and honestly, I’ve never really understood what that could mean until now; In layman’s terms; if you don’t feel good, then you won’t feel like doing goodCapeesh? – For some reason, I just had to impersonate Frank Costello’s voice when writing this part. Yeah I know I’m a looney..


Now by saying this, I don’t automatically mean ‘cheating’ by going on one of those ‘fad diets’ that NEVER work. No! I vow and declare to do this the right way; for example, did you know I owned a gym membership? No? Me neither because I NEVER went. I’m afraid it’s always the same right? The routines of a cosy sofa, watching a good film on television and nibbles on the side is always far too alluring to pick up our lazy arses from.

All of which is about to change. Which means I’m going to sweat and I’m going to ache (not looking forward to this one) but that’s fine, as no pain no gain, right?

However, because I want this to be an overall lifestyle change I’m pushing myself to do this for a while before I comment further on my progress – Which means I’ve already taken the liberty of taking one of those awkward photos standing in front of my camera wearing nothing more than my underwear – Which proudly bares every curve I have and every insecurity I feel.. However, these are essential as not only is it a great way to document your progress in a more visual way. But by seeing your ‘before and after’ photos you can continue to summon up the motivation to keep going just by seeing those powerful little changes.

To say I’m nervous would be a HUGE understatement, but with those nerves, I can’t also deny a slight feeling of excitement to know what’s to come if indeed the effort is invested. After all, it’s a journey.

2. Positive thinking/New Mindset


Without rambling too much- because let’s face it I already kinda have. I would like to embrace a new way of thinking, a positive one. Recently my family suffered a huge trauma which affected each and every one of us in a dramatically huge way – even divided us. Though I don’t wish to share what that was, I can say that the whole experience has made me a more amenable person and more open when it comes to cleaner thinking.

I’ve always saw myself as being the kind of person that saw the glass as being half-full rather than empty in most given situations – I saw the good in everything – I know, I was blissfully ignorant. I have to come to terms with the ‘less pleasant’ wonders of life and rationalise them in my head in a more positive and productive way in order to embrace a more realistic life. And I’ve been reading up a little bit about self-talk (Which is very interesting!); which is described as unspoken thoughts which run through your head. They can be either positive or negative and depending on which ones you logicise or reason with will dictate the kind of person you are – Optimist or Pessimist.

So with that being said, I know it’s hard to stand by changes you implement because sometimes the variables of life just won’t let you, as you’ll find there’s just so much more conflicting with those changes. But we still make those changes because that in it’s self is a change and a way forward to becoming a better version of you.

3. Nail biting (Yep this can be one!)


Now I know what you’re thinking – What a pointless topic! And you’re right, it is. However, it has always been something I’ve been guilty of doing ever since I was a child. So I thought if I wrote it down then that alone is an accomplishment and it becomes paramount. So I’ll keep this one short and sweet – Like my nails, har har!

I’m sure EVERYONE is guilty of doing this at least once in their life. However, my reason for my stumpy, unattractive nails is down to stress. Some people overeat, some people own a stress ball which they squeeze within an inch of its life, I have my nails. So without sounding like I’m repeating myself, in order to combat my annoying (to say the least) habit then I need to embrace a better life by changing the things that I can change that cause me stress. Now I don’t want talons, no no. But just enough length would be nice in order to apply a lick of colour to make them appear well, appealing!

Hopefully, fingers crossed (Haha Get it?) after making this positive change of my lifestyle not only will I combat stress but also this time next year I may see my nails as something to be pretty and enjoyed (in a non-consumable way) Common sense I know! Wish me luck!

4. To make this year work for me


How great is the feeling of achievement and doing something that you ABSOLUTELY love? Now hold onto that feeling and now imagine that thing that you love doing, working for you. Would be magic, right? And it is possible! Take a look at your favourite influencers and it soon becomes apparent that working ‘smarter’ more so than working ‘harder’ actually works!

As a blogger, I feel as though I have been dipping my toe in this industry for quite some time now, and enough to know that in order to move forward and progress you have to make the conscientious effort to promote yourself amongst your social media channels – If that’s what you want to do. Because if this is the kind of industry you’re interested in then if you don’t make yourselves known to brands in a fairly big way then, unfortunately, you’re going to fall along the wayside of the majority who don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m already super proud with what I’ve achieved, but as humans, it’s in our nature to want to improve and better ourselves and that’s what I want to focus on this year.

So with that being said, I would love to become a more proactive person in order to reach those heights and goals – which, let’s remember are achievable and realistic! Creating a more realistic and consistent income doing what I LOVE while working with more brands, and maybe to start introducing collaborations into that mix as well. If you would like to be a part of this journey with me then feel free to get in touch.


Before I end this post I would just like to take this opportunity to welcome in the new year by wishing everyone a prosperous and successful one. With a whole new year brings a wealth of possibilities and new beginnings, and you CAN achieve them all! So please feel free to share yours below as I have with mine – However silly and ridiculous they may seem, they’re personal goals to you and that’s all that matters..

As always have a fantastic one!



6 responses to “New year. New me (Goals for 2019)”

  1. Pushpanjali says:

    I too bite my nails when I’m stressed out 🙂 Trying to grow out of this habit. Loved going through your post! Such a positive one. Hope you achieve all your goals for 2019.


    • Rachyreviews says:

      I feel like it’s a very insignificant topic and to most would sound really dumb, but its personal because I do it all the time and it would be lovely to just banish this habit once and for all! Thank you. 😊

  2. I hope you get to achieve these goals! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Nicia Allred says:

    I’ve really had to work on my mindset, so I hear ya!

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