September 29, 2019

No Despair, Here’s Autumn Wear

With every grey cloud that passes by and dulls our sunnier skies, I think it’s clear to see that we’re heading full speed ahead towards the more harsh-er, brisk-er time of the year, Autumn. Brr..

no3 candle from aldi

However, if you’re a regular reader here, then you’ll know that the latter end of the year has always been a particular favourite of mine. I don’t know about you guys but Autumnal fashion is just the ‘pièce de résistance’.

How could it not be?

With the change of season blessing us with some of the most spectacular and picturesque views at this time of year – Senescence (Change of nature). And the world still in its ever-changing state, this particular time of year gracefully comes along to give us a gentle nudge in the right direction in order to help prepare us for self-hibernation.

Which ultimately means bringing out the cosy in our now frost-bitten world.

For most of us, this entails ‘busting out’ out the fleece-knit blankets and embracing the warm, welcoming scent of luxury autumn candles – The epitome of the soon-to-be Winter period!

But let’s be honest, it’s easy to wrap up in the comfort of a warm, reliable, insulated home, right? The trick however is not transforming into a little snowman the moment you step away from that. So as a fall back plan we have our cosy knits and bulky-er wear in order to make the hibernation experience more realistic and well, portable.




So with that being said I’m going to be sharing with you some key fashion pieces, which in my opinion are essential for when it comes to wrapping up for the more breezy-er times of the year..

Wrapping up

First up, it has to be said that a long-sleeved top is a definite must for when trapping the warmth between you and your body. But who’s to say what you wear has to be the most mundane, and practical of colours? The beauty of Autumn allows us to be expressive with the more daring and bolder of colours that the season is truly represented for; beautiful burgundies, tempting teals and appealing oranges – See what I did there..?

For this purpose as well as many others, can we just take a minute to appreciate the high-street retailer Matalan which has to be recognised as being totally affordable for any luxury-fashion wear. As you can see I’ve chosen this quite basic long sleeve t-shirt in a beautiful teal, which I think highly compliments this whole look with layers being the epitome of Autumn.

You could easily pair this little ensemble with a lovely near floor-length skirt or in my case, some dark denim jeans and you’re Autumnal ready and good to go! Or are you? We still haven’t stepped outside yet, and what is THE most essential outerwear piece in order to brave the cold? That’s right, you’ve guessed it, a good winter coat.

This particular one I’m wearing is from Lighthouse Clothing, a well-loved brand for many things, including it’s ethos;

“Making style led clothing for daily life, everyday adventures and those who find joy by the sea – whatever the weather. Lighthouse clothing are committed to creating well-crafted clothing with a strong sense of style.”

Alanna Coat – Night Sky

Lighthouse Alanna Night sky coatThis three-quarter length Parka coat, Alanna in the colour Night Sky is the perfect winter coat suited for all weathers and EVERY eventuality.

Lighthouse Alanna Night sky coatLighthouse Alanna Night sky coat

Note: As soon as I put this coat on I quickly realised the fit was quite a perfect one. Usually I’m a size 8 on the top half, but by wanting to accompany outdoor wear with layers it seemed only right to choose a size bigger for my coat. So just note this brand is true to size.Lighthouse Alanna Night sky coat

I am in love the Waterproof properties this coat contains and also its super cosy inner jersey thermal layers. Let it be said that this coat is sure to see you snug as a bug and warm through the darker and more cooler of days ahead with its insulated inside padding. Although, it doesn’t have to be hurling up a rainstorm outside for the Alanna coat to be seen. With its detachable hood, the Alanna coat is completely versatile and in no way limited by the owner’s preference, showing off every inch of its flattering and tailored design.

Merino Scarf – Sunrise Night Sky Stripe

lighthouse merino scarf Sunrise night sky stripe

Of course, no outdoor style is complete without being accompanied by a snuggly neck throw (scarf). This lovely, autumnal-striped scarf has a natural crimp in its fibre, which helps naturally trap your body heat, keeping you and your decollate warmer for longer. They have a lovely varied selection of autumnal accessories, check them out here!

As you can see I’ve paired all the above with my beautifully timeless Red or Dead Black Exam Boots (Last mentioned here) – Yes they’re still kickin‘! Perfectly elegant and practical for the everyday lady!

Red or dead Exam boots

And that guys is my little “autumnal haul” – shall we say?

However I’m always on the hunt for snuggly winter wear, so I would really love to hear about your idyllic cosy knits and what you recommend for the cold days ahead..

Speak soon! x



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