April 29, 2018

“Another?” Nottingham’s first self-serve wine bar

*This post is in collaboration with TankPR

A lovely trip to Nottingham’s first self-serve wine bar.

The other night my mum and I had the pleasure of attending a VIP launch to the first ever self-serve wine bar in my home city, Nottingham.

When roaming across Robin Hood’s Grounds you can find Another? Wine Bar tucked away on the far side of Trinity Square. It houses over 30 varieties of Wines, Sparkling Wines, and Champagnes.

After experiencing a brief geography lesson whilst climbing the vintage staircase, we were warmly welcomed by the lovely staff, before being led through to the ‘secret garden’, via an entrance behind the bar.

My first impressions of the garden;

Another? Wine bar garden

Another? Wine bar garden

Very cosy and relaxed. The garden comprises of picnic benches, which is an outdoor necessity and overall is just perfect for any group gatherings. Feeling a little reclusive? or just simply want some alone time? For the individual that likes to keep themselves to themselves, you’ll find stood-up barrels dotted around the garden.

As the evening begun a very interesting presentation took place which was led by the lovely Arthur from Champagne Palmer & Co. Honestly, what he didn’t know about fine wines and champagnes wasn’t worth knowing. Absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend him to anyone who likes to feel educated about their fine ‘wining’. Arthur shared stories about his roots, and also went to great lengths and detail to explain the history of how champagne and wines came to be and most importantly, what makes a good tipple.

Another? Wine bar Champagne Palmer and Co

Another? Wine bar

During the presentation, the owner of the Trinity Square venue, Sam would be topping up people’s glasses with a very generous sample of the featured wines/champagnes that were being displayed by Arthur and also on offer.

Another? Wine bar Addie from Tank PR

There was a tipple for all, and to suit everyone’s tastes and palette.

Catering to every taste; Fruity and sweet for the lighter of palettes, medium and smooth for the intermediate palette, and bold and strong for the more discerning palette.

Here’s the few we sampled;

Sample of wines

Overall, I believe it to be an incredibly unique idea. I can see this becoming a ‘hit’ for the educated or the genuine wine-lover, or novice, as there’s something for everyone.

Tasting champagne and reading menu

Thank you for having us!

What I wore on the night;

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7 responses to ““Another?” Nottingham’s first self-serve wine bar”

  1. Amy says:

    This place sounds awesome! I’d love to visit some day!

  2. Sue Davies says:

    Seems like a lovely place to go.

  3. Lovely place to visit

  4. Vox says:

    This looks like a lovely location and looks like you both had lots of fun! 😀

  5. Honestly Holly says:

    A colleague of mine went to one of these in London and I love the concept. However, as someone whose partner runs a pub,. I don’t want us getting put out of business and losing jobs by self serve haha

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