Obsession X Belle Jorden Makeup Collection

February 25, 2019

Hey there guys, what’s crackin’? And speaking of crackin’ I’m not sure about you but it’s freakin’ cold here in the UK with the ‘occasional’ peep-bo from the sun – Sigh, what I wouldn’t give to be in the Himalayas right now, or somewhere to that effect.


On a more serious note, this month I was lucky enough to be invited to an area of Nottingham that I had never ventured to before called Netherfield, it made for a lovely day out as the Victoria Retail Park there had a shop for literally, everything!

Lusting over a new dress? TK MAX is your go-to! Want a mattress? They’ve got Next! Need cheap wood for the fire? B&M’s got your back!

After a cheeky visit to our favourite eatery, (drinkery?) Frankie & Benny’s it was time to check out the Boots store – For OBVIOUS reasons..

Phone snaps*

Though the makeup section at Boots was very quaint and left a lot to be desired, it contained all the essential (affordable) brands required to create the perfect Valentines look.

My quest lead me to a colourful and expressive brand called Obsession and more importantly their latest collection in collaboration with Belle Jorden.

The Palette

Belle Jorden Obsession eyeshadow palette

As someone who has never actually heard of this brand until recently, Obsession is a branch of the London-based affordable brand, Revolution Beauty. If you’ve not already seen my recent YouTube Video (Yep, I actually got round to making a new one!) then you’re in for a treat as I test the Obsession Belle Jorden’s eyeshadow palette thoroughly in a colourful Valentines eye look. (Lookout for dat ‘Miami’ shade tho!)

As quite the long-time subscriber of Belle’s it came as no surprise to me that she would release her own collection – Her love for colour and pure artistic talent completely determined this, and what a lovely find I had when I found the entire collection in Boots.

The Belle Jorden palette consists of 16 shades in total; 7 mattes and 9 shimmers – So in total a very versatile palette and plenty of inspiration for any look!

We’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s talk about the overall aesthetics of the palette first, shall we? The exterior represents Belle to a ‘tee’ with the subtle grey palette background and in the center, you can see her name inscribed and embossed in brash-golden tattoo lettering (Better watch your back KVD!). Upon opening the palette, you are then immediately greeted by the contrast of a pink interior housing 16 shades including a very generous sized mirror for application purposes.

To show the diversity of the shades and shimmers I’ve created two separate looks here; A pinky/purple toned for the smooth lover (valentines look) and a warmer orange/red toned eye look for the sophisticated fashionistas – Or generally everyone!  Here are my demonstrations;

Using shades; 1766, 13, Magic, So cute, Hot sauce, Queen, Miami, Lola, Mama’s Girl, Glow Baby

Belle Jorden Obsession eyeshadow palette

Using shades; Sagittarius, Pops, Bear, A.F, 13, Queen, Hot Sauce

Belle Jorden Obsession eyeshadow palette

As you can see the eyeshadows blend seamlessly into one another and do not appear to create any ‘patchiness’ or ‘muddy areas’ which for me is a big plus as I like that flawless blend in an eyeshadow palette!

The Lipglosses

Belle Jorden Obsession lipgloss

As you know I love my lippies so this portion of the review should come as no surprise to well, anyone. However, with that being said I am very picky when it comes to choosing my perfect lippies!

“My choice of preference is a pigmented nude or a mauve-coloured matte texture which doesn’t dry out on the lips and also feels weightless.”

Belle Jorden is known heavily for her voluptuous, nude-a-licious lips, so as such her collaboration with Obsession consists of some of the of most amazingly pigmented nudes; Ever After, Wishes and Ditzy. With one small twist..

Ever After Belle Jorden Obsession

Wearing ‘Ever After’

The formula of both Ever After and Wishes is of a liquid lipstick consistency and Ditzy is the ONLY ‘lipgloss’ in the actual set. Now you know I love myself a matte moment, but I also do love keeping the lips lush and hydrated and all that good stuff. So with that being said Ditzy works amazingly well as a topper for both liquid lipsticks to give that perfect shine and return hydration and moisture back into the lips. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the lipgloss ‘Ditzy’ isn’t sticky or tacky in the slightest, it just feels like the same texture of your favourite lip balm with a subtle pink tint to frame the lips and encourage the perfect pout!

My personal favourite combo in the Belle Jorden Lip Collection has to be Ever After and Ditzy as they are just perfect duo for the ultimate nude lover!

I absolutely love the entire Obsession x Belle Jorden collection, though the lipstick shade range isn’t going to be everyone’s taste or cater to everyone’s skin tone, it is still quite the wearable product to pair with the warm and cool tones of the paired eyeshadow palette.

Speaking of the palette, it was nothing like what I would have expected from an affordable makeup brand. It completely surpassed my expectations and has definitely helped me discover a new favourite in a makeup brand which means that I will definitely be incorporating more Obsession products into my routines.

I hope this has been helpful for those of you who are maybe looking for a collection to suit your artistic requirements, or to up your eyeshadow game; whether you want to keep it subtle-looking or dramatic AF, there’s a look for everyone.

Please let me know if you have any further recommendations for affordable makeup brands that you love as I would absolutely LOVE to discover more!

Please note: I was kindly gifted a voucher and brought these products out of my own free will for video purposes. All reviews as always are 100% my honest and real opinion.

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3 responses to “Obsession X Belle Jorden Makeup Collection”

  1. Via Singh says:

    This palette is absolutely beautiful. Love the bright and bold colors. You created such wonderful looks. You are right about the glosses that not everyone will love them. I prefer darker nude shades for my medium skin tone. But these are looking stunning on you. 🙂

    Via | http://glossnglitters.com

    • Rachyreviews says:

      Thank you so much.
      Oh it is, I was so pleased to come across the discovery of another one of Revolution’s ranges and what a beauty of a find in this palette. But I completely agree with you, it’s not for everyone and I am now very interested in their range to look for alternatives for everyone. I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed the review.

  2. I have seen this brand in Boots but have yet to try it! The eyeshadows look seriously pigmented and those are so my kind of nudes. Gorgeous looks xx

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