MAD BEAUTY’s Collection*

Remember the days when Frosties was the COOLEST breakfast cereal around and not monitored for its unhealthy amount of sugar. Or Climbing those huge trees in an unkempt woods just so you could feel like Robin Hood, not quite caring how high you actually were. Don’t you miss them? I say, “bring back the good ol’ days.” Where we had…
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Undressing a piece of NUDE’s Gemstone Collection (Oooh.. Naughty, but nice)*

They say that diamonds are forever and are also a girl’s best friend. And all that glitters is …? Silver, wouldn’t you say? For not only is it a stunning, grey-toned metal that has a contemporary, clean and fresh look, which gives an instant boost of confidence and easily suits any skin tone. But it’s also underestimated, and can be the one little (or…
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New skin? Nope! Just revived with The Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

Lately, with the cooler times now upon us, it’s very easy to feel like our skin has taken a bit of a hit. No longer does it feel loved, nourished, moisturised or healthy. Instead it is left feeling and looking dry, dehydrated and lacking that once-had lustre in my normal to combination skin. So this weekend whilst I was doing a bit of…
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Autumnal Looks

So guys and gals, I know I haven’t posted here for a very, VERY, very long time, but what a great time to come out of hiding, why? Because it’s reached that time where you can finally don your favourite animal onesie (Mine is a Panda), pull on those fluffy (Panda) socks and get out your favourite mug of hot chocolate/coco.…
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Seasonal Prestige Bouquet*

With the Autumn months vastly closing in, now is the time to get ready for the slightly colder, more cosier times of the year by bringing the beautiful outdoors into our homes. Which of course can only mean one thing – Christmas is just around the corner! And what better way to kick off this wonderful time of the year than with a…
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