HOW TO Clean your brushes

Hey guys, so today I’m going to be talking about the importance of the boring but useful subject that is ‘Cleaning your makeup brushes‘. So unless you like to spread all that grungy bacteria across your face time and time again after multiple uses of your favourite brush, then I suggest you listen. I’ve heard and witnessed horror stories of…
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Definitely an ups-a-daisy to drop in your bath tub when you’re in need of a little ‘pick-me-up’ or just when you’re having ‘one of those’ days. You’ll be sure to relax with it’s soothing qualities and a hints of rosewood. 🌹 And when you do, just take a moment to appreciate the stunning kaleidoscope of colours that slowly seep from…
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Yes, I was naughty and went on a little shopping spree of one of my favourite brands – Tarte. I brought some really interesting stuff, most which we’re highly recommended and I now I can see why. Concealer – Shape tape contour concealer Eyeshadow – PRO Amazonian Clay Palette Brushes – Magic Wands Brush Set Please like and subscribe!
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My Morning Routine

Hey guys, this is just an insight into my life and my morning routine, enjoy!
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My Teeth Whitening Experience

So apologies in advance as I know this video is going to be a long one, but I wanted to be real with you guys. I wanted to make sure that if you were thinking about having this type of treatment that you were well informed with in depth knowledge from someone who has already had it and who can tell…
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