Mothers Day!

Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be for the sons and daughters out there like myself that get to this time in the year and think “I’m not quite sure what to get mum or grandma this year”. This is for you guys. So just remember, It can be as expensive or cheap as you like, I’m not…
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Baby Pink Hair using LEE STAFFORD Products

I had always secretly wanted to have a dabble at dying my hair but being the unexperienced person I am, I didn’t want it to be permanent. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was browsing Boots and found the ‘Lee Stafford – Kiss of Colour’ in ‘Baby Pink’. Watch the video below to find out more.
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A Day Out In Bakewell

Aah Bakewell.. A Beautiful stone-built town. People come from miles around to see it. It has everything; Warm scones, Cafes, bakeries, history.. And though our stay was a short one, it was most certainly enjoyed. Illusive, but highly recommended for those times when you just can’t figure out where to go for the day. There’s something for everyone. From the…
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4 Steps To A Flawless Face using AVON

I was inspired by just how inexpensive these products are to do this simple routine which is both effortless and easy to achieve for that natural glow and look. Check out my up-to-date foundation routine here
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AVON Professional Collection Palette

So I was lucky enough to receive this through the post, and I was just dying to review it. I mean there was just SO much in one palette – It would be rude not too. As such please enjoy my video review! Enjoy!  
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