My Teeth Whitening Experience

So apologies in advance as I know this video is going to be a long one, but I wanted to be real with you guys. I wanted to make sure that if you were thinking about having this type of treatment that you were well informed with in depth knowledge from someone who has already had it and who can tell…
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My Foundation Routine

  I thought it was about time for me to do a post about the makeup products that I am currently using/and loving on a daily basis. I base all my products around a little routine that I seem to have conspired and then when I would get bored I would switch it up and change things round a bit, which…
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LUSH ROSE Bombshell Bath Bomb

Oh my days guys, this is truly an awesome bath bomb. What starts off as being a pink rose-engraved sphere is suddenly transformed when hitting the water into a mini firework display right in your bath tub. As the fizzing process slowly comes to an end, yellow rose petals, shoot every direction you can imagine across your bath. Once the…
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LUSH MUM Bath Bomb

  Just tried out the ‘MUM’ bath bomb from the Mothers day hamper. After the initial explosion of colour, and you start to immerse yourself, you’re immediately greeted by a fresh, clean citrus scent with a touch of orange notes. Then shortly after when your bath has turned a lovely pink (Which is great for the ladies or very romantic…
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Mothers Day!

Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be for the sons and daughters out there like myself that get to this time in the year and think “I’m not quite sure what to get mum or grandma this year”. This is for you guys. So just remember, It can be as expensive or cheap as you like, I’m not…
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