LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review September 2018

As we gravitate swiftly towards the (better) end of the year, we unravel a new month and with it, yep you’ve guessed it, a new Beauty Box! This month LookFantastic have celebrated their 4th annual birthday celebrations by releasing their Special Birthday Edition box! We have been gifted with 6 amazing beauty treats this month that are well worth celebrating.…
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How to Style Your Dresses This Autumn

I’m curious. What do people actually get up to on their days off? Well, maybe the most obvious isn’t booking a hotel down London just so you could get some nice snaps for the ‘gram’ and the blog, to then find that the weather isn’t actually worthy enough for what you originally had planned. So instead you shack up in your…
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LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review August 2018

Has it been a month already? Well, my friends that can only mean one thing, we have another review on our hands, and this one, in particular, is the LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Box Review August 2018.   This particular beauty box contains 6 prestige items chosen by the lovely team at LookFantastic. Contents NAILS INC – INC.redible Glazin over long lasting intense colour gloss my mantra…
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What to expect from your 6 month old puppy

I know, I know.. Are you feeling okay, Rachy? Posting twice in one week. Yes, I’m fine, and like I explained in my previous blog post (If you haven’t checked that one out then you can do so here) I am trying to dedicate more time doing the thing that I love most, blogging! So that means posting regular, consistent…
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How to keep silver hair, SILVER!

I know it’s been a while since I posted, and I could very easily blame it on my busy lifestyle. But for once, I’m going to take the responsibility for my actions (I think they call it ‘adulting’) and explain that lately, I have just lacked inspiration for my blog, ideas and overall, motivation… However, it’s no excuse. If it’s…
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